Grammy Award-winning four-piece band, Greta Van Fleet dropped a live video of their latest single, “Heat Above,” building anticipations for their sophomore LP, The Battle at Garden’s Gate.

Filmed in Nashville, the video showcases the theatrical, eloquent “dream in the clouds; a moment of peace in the storm,” explains the group. “Thematically, we are dead center in the cult of heaven, surreal, strange, alive, and free.” Just as we miss live shows more than ever, the group shares their uniquely energetic stage presence to create a reprieve from the middle of the storm of our pandemic-ridden situation, crippling creatives and musicians from spreading their wings and growing to their fullest capacities.

As we wait patiently for Greta Van Fleet’s next full-length album, due April 16th, the band shares and reflects on its process and reflection of the band’s personal and spiritual growth as a whole.

We realized that while growing up, we had been shielded by many things,” describes drummer Danny Wagner.

“As we started to travel a lot, meet new and different people and experience different cultures, our definition of ‘normal’ changed.” Bassist Sam Kiszka adds, “I suppose that everything has changed except what got us here in the first place…our perception of the world, perception of life itself, what it means to be an artist, what it means to be part of a beautiful, gorgeous society. We’ve gained a larger understanding of why we’re all here.”

“There was a lot of self-evolution happening during the writing of this album that was prompted by experiences I had, experiences we all had,” explains vocalist Josh Kiszka.

“It’s reflecting a lot of the world that we’ve seen, and I think that it’s reflecting a lot of personal truth,” says guitarist Jake Kiszka. “Certainly after this, we’ve grown in so many ways,” Josh explains. “This album has taught us a lot, about life in general, about ourselves, about all of us, about the world we live in.”

The album, The Battle at Garden’s Gate, is available for pre-order at the link here. In the meantime, check out the music video paired with their latest track, “Heat Above.”

Take a look at the upcoming album’s tracklist:
1. Heat Above
2. My Way, Soon
3. Broken Bells
4. Built by Nations
5. Age of Machine
6. Tears of Rain
7. Stardust Chords
8. Light My Love
9. Caravel
10. The Barbarians
11. Trip the Light Fantastic
12. The Weight of Dreams

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