Grandma’s “I met God Online” out now

New music alert! New music alert! All the way from LA via Hotlanta, artist and producer Liam Hall aka Grandma released his new single last April 29th. Entitled “I Met God Online”, through Atlantic Records. This track is available in all major streaming platforms worldwide. Bundled with this is a music video that will give you the chills as well as sleepless nights. 

When looking at the song as a whole, it greets you with that distorted beat that’ll leave you questioning the nature of the song. But if you do go deeper than that, you’ll soon discover the darker side of it all. Lyrics such as “I met God online And She touched me Inappropriately. But I met God online And She told me. Yeah, She told me”. One could get the instant notion that this far from a church hymn. Rather, a dark tale of an attraction gone wrong. An attachment that slowly but surely crosses that border of being a stalker, this chronicles a tale of extreme obsession. The worst part of it all is this has become a religion, praising, and taking everything, they say as gospel from a person they merely met online. 

MV wise, it’s got that 80’s vibes calling back to hits like Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” (1981) and The Cars “Drive” (1984). It’s a DeLorean type of a track that’s sure to invoke memories gone by. Whilst it is a blast from the past, the video goes against the song itself. How so? Instead of freaking us out due to its choice of subject matter, it’s surprisingly lighthearted. Opting to focus on people frolicking out in the open and having a good time. The textbook definition of juxtaposition, all the more giving the sense that a lot of thought was put into its production. 

A superstar in the making, he’s an artist worthy of our no holds barred attention. Liam Hall’s got more under his sleeve than just his show stopping vocals and likeability. He’s also an outstanding producer and consummate collaborator featured in acts such as EARTHGANG, Hanzo, Ericdoa, Riz La Vie, BBY Goyard, Selina Killa, Tom The Mailman, Tony Velour and so much more. With this list of accomplishments and more to come in the foreseeable future, Grandma is the epitome of legendary. 

In search for more Grandma? We are! If the feeling is mutual, head on over to his Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts for some outrageously gorgeous content.

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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