Glassetonbury, Vol. 3 is in the books, and Brian Elliot was able to pull away in the final days to defeat Juke of June in our Championship Round. His song “Blue Jean Girl” generated strong voter turnout throughout the tournament, but it still managed to impress by collecting over 700 votes in last week’s “Nashville vs. Nashville” battle.

Both finalists made impressive runs in the tournament. We couldn’t possibly thank them — and all of our participants — enough for another successful tournament. We hope to update you with news on the interview and Instagram live stream soon.

With that said, it’s time to refresh our bracket with a new batch of releases by up-and-coming artists on our radar. We’ve selected music across a variety of genres, styles, countries, and continents to deliver what may be our strongest overall field yet. You can take a look at our latest volume of contenders below.

For anyone who needs a refresher on how this works, our 32 songs will face off in week-long “matchups” voted on by readers. The winners of each matchup will advance throughout the tournament until a new champion is chosen. The last artist standing will receive a featured interview on Glasse Factory’s front page, a live set/fan Q&A hosted by our Instagram Live, a permanent slot in our Glassetonbury: Hall of Fame playlist, and more.

Voting for this round will close on Saturday, December 19th at 1:00 p.m. CST and is limited to one vote per IP address per poll per day. Make sure that you click “Vote” again after the CAPTCHA to ensure your vote processes.

*You may need to refresh the page in between voting on multiple matchups!*

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Get To You Girl” – Roy Juxon vs. “Dress” – Charlotte Sands

“Get To You Girl” is Roy Juxon‘s third single of 2020, and this song has a bouncy energy that feels like it would have been a good fit on Jamiroquai‘s 2001 classic album “A Funk Odyssey.” Bolstered by a rock-solid rhythm section, the London-based artist delivers a nice, bubbly-but-loose flow over a funky beat. Charlotte Sands‘ “Dress” has a similar level of bouncy energy, but it’s a completely different style. Poppy and upbeat with big synths in the chorus and a pulsing bass, this song would be a great listen for fans of Charli XCX or Dua Lipa.


This Is The End” – Sea Girls vs. “i’m still asleep” – la loye

Coming on the heels of their 2020 debut album “Open Up Your Head,” UK alternative band Sea Girls dropped their latest single “This Is The End” on December 4th. Lyrically, it captures lead vocalist Henry Camamile at the end of a relationship he’s still willing to fix. It’s a catchy song with bright guitars and a memorable hook. Meanwhile, la loye‘s “i’m still asleep” features a downtempo, horn-driven intro that sounds like the child of “Lazarus” by David Bowie and “Fake Empire” by The National. The Dutch artist floats icy, airy vocals over a brilliantly-produced anthem of an instrumental.


pressure” – Bmbu vs. “It’s That Time Again” – Jesper Hasnaoui

Bmbu‘s “Pressure” was the lead single off his 2020 EP “Ready For Pie,” and it simply belongs on “lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to.” The jazzy beat features a dominant saxophone riff and polished production over an addictive drum loop. Meanwhile, “It’s That Time Again” comes from Oslo, Norway’s Jesper Hasnaoui. Laid back and mellow, this acoustic song carries a pleasant and warm energy throughout. It features a horn section and the occasional harmonica riff.


Downtown” – Maella vs. “Soothsayer” – Haunted Like Human

“Downtown” comes from Prague-born, London-based alternative pop artist Maella. Her third single of the year, it has a nice groove and a spacious chorus. The song released on December 4th and would make a solid addition to any indie-pop playlist. Meanwhile, Nashville folk/Americana duo Haunted Like Human makes their return with “Soothsayer,” which released on November 20th. Vocalist Dale Chapman‘s lyricism is as poetic and inspired as ever, and the song features a full arsenal of instrumentation. It offers the same “cabin in the woods telling stories around the campfire” vibes they consistently nail, but it has a bit more aggression and deliberate power behind each move.


Come Over” – Coleman Hell vs. “Ferris Wheels” – Canyon City

Canada’s Coleman Hell dropped “Come Over,” his third single of 2020, on December 4th. This pop/EDM track features soulful vocals and would be played on repeat by fans of artists like Avicii. Meanwhile, “Ferris Wheels” is an acoustic folk ballad by Colorado-based Canyon City. It’s the fourth track from his EP “Circling The Sun,” which also released on December 4th and has a very pretty, soothing quality that would make it ideal for getting some rest at the end of a long day.


Right Now” – Cam Be x Neak x Sam Trump vs. “Welcome To The Future” – Baby FuzZ

Right Now” is the sixth track from Cam Be‘s 2020 album “Summer in September.” It has the kind of smooth, laid-back energy of a Mac Miller song, and it features important contributions from Neak and Sam Trump. Meanwhile, Baby FuzZ‘s “Welcome To The Future” marks their fifth single of the year. With singles like “We’re All Gonna Die!!!” already out there, this track follows their trend of social commentary with an evisceration of “Karen/Kevin” hyper-suburban culture and the larger effects of ignored human impact on the climate. This song wears the musical cloak of an uber-poppy Top 40 single but has the spirit and angst of a rock song.


Next Time We’re Flying” – Landon Sears x Bren Joy vs. “Slide Wit Me” – LayNeverDies

Nashville’s Landon Sears caps off a busy 2020 with the endlessly groovy “Next Time We’re Flying,” which also features rising R&B artist Bren Joy. It features exceptionally-polished production work from Caleb Lee and feels like a really good Mac Ayers song with a healthy dose of talk-box. Meanwhile, LayNeverDies released his second single of the year on December 4th with “Slide Wit Me.” The single feels very Travis Scott-inspired, sharing the “Astroworld” rapper’s affinity for heavy, melodic autotune over spacey beats.


Thieves” – Rolo vs. “Wild Times” – Nugae

“Thieves” is the second single of 2020 from Germany’s Rolo, and the song feels very influenced by “Stadium Arcadium” era Red Hot Chili Peppers. It offers clean guitar riffs and singable melodies over a grooving funk drum beat. Meanwhile, “Wild Times” feels straight out of the Tears For Fears playbook in all of the right ways. The minor-key track from Berlin-based project Nugae features a pumping rhythm section and haunting vocals. The song is their debut single and released on December 11, 2020.


Laela” – Owen St vs. “Casa” – UKNWN x Fixupboy

Owen St‘s latest single “Laela” fuses elements of jazz, funk, hip-hop, and a little dose of indie. The Nashville rapper/vocalist has a little bit of the deep, resonant vocal tone of someone like Jacob Collier, and the song features expert instrumentation and a really nice breakdown at the end. Meanwhile, “Casa” comes from UK rappers UKNWN and Fixupboy. It’s a bouncy, auto-tuned track with lots of openness. This track would be a good fit for fans of artists like Lil Skies.


Jaded” – MCKNA vs. “Still Dreaming” – brillion. x Pointy Features

“Jaded” is a piano ballad from MCKNA, the Nashville-based pop artist originally from Grand Rapids, Minnesota. It’s her third single of 2020, and it really showcases her vocal power and control. Meanwhile, brillion. enlisted the help of UK guitarist Pointy Features for “Still Dreaming,” the fourteenth track from his 2020 album “Bedtime Stories, Pt. 2.” Spacey and instrumental, this dreamy lo-fi beat would be a great add to any sleep or study playlists.


All Good” – Garrett Kato vs. “Situational” – Stretched

“All Good” comes from Australia’s Garrett Kato, and it’s the second track from his 2020 album “Hemispheres.” This heart-wrenching piano ballad features the same brand of soul-stealing, raw vocal emotion of artists like Damien Rice and Glen Hansard. Meanwhile, “Situational” comes from Los Angeles-based pop-punk outfit Stretched. If it were 2004-2006, this song would top the charts. It channels all of the best parts of the Yellowcard/Cartel/Jimmy Eat World era of rock radio. This song deserves to be played at whatever is left of Warped Tour, or at least the next Tony Hawk: Pro Skater soundtrack.


Las Vegas” – Dante Elephante vs. “Sweater Weather” – Jen Miller

Funky and smooth, Dante Elephante‘s “Las Vegas” is a catchy, clavinet-driven jam that oozes West Coast vibes. The Santa Barbara, CA native released this single on December 4th, and this begs to be played in a convertible driving down the freeway on a sunny summer afternoon. Meanwhile, Jen Miller released her soulful pop/R&B track “Sweater Weather” on December 1st. The Nashville-based artist and producer caps off her year with a memorable track full of vocal runs and casual pop vibes.


Shapes” – The Foons vs. “Tiny Whale” – Nathan-Paul

“Shapes” takes a minute to kick in, but once the lyrics pop in around 0:40, the song from the Chicago-based indie-rock band really takes off. It reminds me of Bon Iver and James Blake‘s “I Need A Forest Fire” but if Jon Bellion reimagined as an LCD Soundsystem song. Meanwhile, “Tiny Whale” comes from Cleveland-based jazz/funk artist Nathan-Paul. It features a screaming saxophone, booming percussion, and tasteful guitar work. It was the first track from his self-titled EP earlier this year.


Ghosts” – Conor & The Wild Hunt vs. “Stranger” – Blanks

“Ghosts” comes from Baltimore folk/Americana trio Conor & The Wild Hunt. Their second single of the year, it starts off with a strong Drew Holcomb energy before exploding into a huge second half with massive background vocals. Meanwhile, Danish singer-songwriter Blanks caps off a busy year with December 4th’s “Stranger.” It’s a reflective, thoughtful track that breaks open at about the 1:10 mark and especially does so at the end. Both songs have an organic, natural build and feel deeply personal.


Superglue” – Lil Late vs. “Explore You” – Herschel Lamont x Romario

Los Angeles rapper Lil Late released his third single of 2020, “Superglue,” on December 1st. Melodic and brooding, it borrows elements of downtempo emo and hip-hop. The end product is a vibey track that would appeal to fans of artists like Post Malone. Meanwhile, Romario‘s remix of Herschel Lamont‘s “Explore You” picks up the energy a little bit from the original. The Jamaican DJ shows off his chops with drops that are head-bopping, groovy, and well-built.


let me” – Courtney Jacobs vs. “Losing Sleep” – Dylan Fraser

Charlottesville, VA artist Courtney Jacobs released her latest single “let me” on December 4th. It features an intricate vocal melody painted over a lo-fi, synth-driven funk beat. Meanwhile, “Losing Sleep” is the sixth and final track from Scottish singer-songwriter Dylan Fraser‘s “The Storm” EP. Fans of The Band CAMINO or LANY may really enjoy this nostalgic track. It captures Fraser reminiscing on how he wishes he could go back to a more youthful, less stressful time in his life.


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Casey Fitzmaurice currently acts as the Department Head of A&R for Glasse Factory. A December 19
Casey Fitzmaurice currently acts as the Department Head of A&R for Glasse Factory. A December 19

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