Glassetonbury, Vol. 4: Elite Eight

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Happy holidays! We’re in the last week of 2020, and I can feel the collective sigh of relief from here as 2021 approaches.

Two weeks ago, we started our fourth Glassetonbury tournament with 32 new songs, and we’ve now trimmed the field to just eight. You can take a look at our bracket so far below:

By advancing to next week’s Final Four, the winners of this round will earn a permanent spot in our Glassetonbury: Hall of Fame playlist on Spotify. The winner of the overall tournament will earn a featured interview in our front page, a live stream/fan Q&A on Instagram Live, and more.

Voting for this round will close on Saturday, January 2nd, 2021 (finally!) at 1:00 p.m. CST and is limited to one vote per IP address per poll per day. Make sure that you click “Vote” again after the CAPTCHA to ensure your vote processes. You may need to refresh the page between voting on multiple polls due to CAPTCHA restrictions! We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Dress” – Charlotte Sands vs. “Soothsayer” – Haunted Like Human

Charlotte Sands‘ “Dress” has a bouncy, poppy and upbeat energy throughout. It offers big synths in the chorus and a pulsing bass, and this song would be a great addition to the music library of Charli XCX or Dua Lipa fans. It defeated “i’m still asleep” by la loye last round. Meanwhile, Nashville folk/Americana duo Haunted Like Human‘s “Soothsayer” features lyricism from vocalist Dale Chapman that’s as poetic and inspired as ever. The song features a full arsenal of instrumentation; it offers the same “cabin in the woods telling stories around the campfire” vibe that they consistently nail, but with a bit more aggression and deliberate power behind each move. It defeated “It’s That Time Again” by Jesper Hasnaoui last round.


Right Now” – Cam Be x Neak x Sam Trump vs. “Next Time We’re Flying” – Landon Sears x Bren Joy

“Right Now” is the sixth track from Cam Be‘s 2020 album “Summer in September.” It has the kind of smooth, laid-back energy of a Mac Miller song, and it features important contributions from Neak and Sam Trump. It defeated “Ferris Wheels” by Canyon City last round, leading all contestants in Sweet Sixteen voting with 32 ballots cast in their favor. Meanwhile, Nashville’s Landon Sears caps off a busy 2020 with the endlessly groovy “Next Time We’re Flying,” which also features rising R&B artist Bren Joy. It features exceptionally-polished production work from Caleb Lee and feels like a really good Mac Ayers song with a healthy dose of talk-box. It defeated “Wild Times” by Nugae last round.


Laela” – Owen St vs. “Situational” – Stretched

Owen St‘s latest single “Laela” fuses elements of jazz, funk, hip-hop, and a little dose of indie. The Nashville rapper/vocalist has a little bit of the deep, resonant vocal tone of someone like Jacob Collier, and the song features expert instrumentation and a really nice breakdown at the end. Fans of Stoop Kids or Choker would like this song immediately. It defeated “Jaded” by MCKNA last round. Meanwhile, “Situational” comes from Los Angeles-based pop-punk outfit Stretched. If it were 2004-2006, this song would top the charts. It channels all of the best parts of the Yellowcard/Cartel/Jimmy Eat World era of rock radio. This song deserves to be played at whatever is left of Warped Tour, or at least the next Tony Hawk: Pro Skater soundtrack. It defeated “Las Vegas” by Dante Elephante last round.


Tiny Whale” – Nathan-Paul vs. “Superglue” – Lil Late

“Tiny Whale” comes from Cleveland-based jazz/funk artist Nathan-Paul. The song features a screaming saxophone, booming percussion, and tasteful guitar work, and it was the first track from his self-titled EP earlier this year. The song showcases some of the most advanced musical chops of the entire tournament, with impressive solos across the board. It defeated “Ghosts” by Conor & The Wild Hunt last round. Meanwhile, Los Angeles rapper Lil Late released his third single of 2020, “Superglue,” on December 1st. Melodic and brooding, it borrows elements of downtempo emo and hip-hop. The end product is a vibey track that would appeal to fans of artists like Post Malone. It defeated “Losing Sleep” by Dylan Fraser last round.


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