Our special All-Stars edition of Glassetonbury is quickly approaching the finale, as only four of our 32 returning artists remain in the competition. This time next week, one of them will be declared the winner and will earn a featured interview from Glasse Factory, a concert and live Q&A streamed on our Instagram, and more. All four of our semi-finalists have earned a permanent place in our Glassetonbury: Hall of Fame Spotify playlist for advancing this far.

Let’s take a look at our bracket:

Each matchup below will feature links to the songs, a brief description of each song and artist, and a poll for you to cast your vote. Polls will close on Saturday, October 9th at 1:00 p.m. CST, and voting is limited to one vote per 24 hours. To prevent botting, we equip all of our polls with CAPTCHA protection, and while this is a necessary step to preserve the integrity of the tournament, sometimes this leads to problems when trying to vote on multiple polls at once. To ensure that your votes are properly counted, refresh the page before voting on a new poll, and make sure to click “Vote” again after you pass the CAPTCHA protection. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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defeated “Chapter 8” – Jude The Obscure in the Round of 32

defeated “Harlem Stroll” – Snake Davis in the Sweet Sixteen

defeated “Boy Named Paul” – Juke of June in the Elite EIght

Arlana made it to the Elite Eight in Vol. 7 of Glassetonbury with her song “COMPLICATED.” In that time, she’s released her debut full-length album “SONGBIRD: UNE.” On a record full of interesting, complex neo-soul tracks, the standout for this writer is the reflective, delicate “ONLY HEAVEN KNOWS.” Full of smooth vocal runs, vivid lyrical imagery, and soothing instrumentation, this is not a song to miss. 

— vs. —

Kaleidoscopic Honeycomb” – The Uncle Steves

defeated “Identity” – Lobby Language in the Round of 32

defeated “Elucidated” – Stretched in the Sweet Sixteen

defeated “Whistling Tree” – Haunted Like Human in the Elite Eight

The Uncle Steves made the Final Four of our most recent Glassetonbury tournament with “We’re Gonna Be Alright Now,” a looping, hypnotic earworm that steadily grows. “Kaleidoscopic Honeycomb” comes from their 2021 instrumental album “Flora and Fauna Rule The World.” It’s a fun track inspired by the Sonoran Desert.


Cutting Ties” – Dan Kiernan

defeated “A House I Hate” – CYPRSS in the Round of 32

defeated “Told Ya” – Lil Late in the Sweet Sixteen

defeated “My Place” – Goldpark in the Elite Eight

In the Elite Eight of Glassetonbury, Vol. 5, Dan Kiernan‘s “The Other Side” lost one of the most hard-fought battles in series history against Chase Stephen‘s “leaf szn,” but the pop vocalist gets another chance with his latest single “Cutting Ties.” While “The Other Side” was a slower ballad full of emotion and power, this captures a much more club-friendly and fun-loving energy. Imagine “Sucker” by The Jonas Brothers with an extra dose of Miami vibes. 

— vs. —

Tambourine Addict Who Plays the Drugs” – Fingerless

defeated  “Like A Thief” – Sorry Ghost in the Round of 32

defeated “Heartbreak Aside” – Nothing More Cruel in the Sweet Sixteen

defeated “LALA” – Sam Soto in the Elite Eight

“Leaf Of Stone” by Fingerless was one of the standout tracks of Glassetonbury, Vol. 8, making it to the Elite Eight before being eliminated. Like “Leaf Of Stone,” “Tambourine Addict Who Plays The Drugs” is a slow-burn rock song with some elements of prog, psychedelic, and jam. It grows to a tremendous peak with cascading drums and immersive guitars.


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caseyfitzmaurice Contributor
Casey Fitzmaurice currently acts as the Department Head of A&R for Glasse Factory. A December 19
caseyfitzmaurice Contributor
Casey Fitzmaurice currently acts as the Department Head of A&R for Glasse Factory. A December 19

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