Get up From “On Your Knees” and Leave Those Who Don’t Deserve You Behind

“On Your Knees“ by Vicki Lovelee is an alternative pop song with rhythmic grooves and fun dance melodies. The lyrics speak about someone who doesn’t deserve you, and you coming to terms and leaving them behind.

Lovelee is a Chinese Canadian alt-pop singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Toronto. She uses orchestral instrumentation and fuses them with dramatic pop elements, ultimately creating a dark and theatrical sound. Her music embodies a combination of edgy yet vulnerable, and she draws her influences from pop artists like Halsey, Lorde and MARINA. Lovelee has also accumulated 35K streams on different platforms, and continues to grow as the days continue.

“This year, I’m embracing a new phase of emotions. I’m ready to start a new phase — one that’s more confident, angry, and part of the healing process.”

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Lately, someone has been stuck inside your head, someone you know is not worth your time, and you want nothing more than for them to get out. This is how “On Your Knees” begins, explaining the frustration of loving someone who does not return an equal amount of commitment. Lovelee’s vocals above grungy electronic elements help uplift her voice, and overall relay the message of your own power in a relationship. If someone gets on their knees in desperation, begging and begging for you to stay, this answer can fully be no as it can be yes. A relationship cannot be one person solely taking care of another, as babysitting is almost never in the agreement that lovers want. As Lovelee says herself, answering person pleading for you to stay can always be “get up off your knees and fucking leave.”

Vicki Loveless can also be found on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

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