EDM Grammy award-winning, platinum-certified international icon Tiësto has announced a new single “Hot in it” with singer-songwriter Charli XCX. This new single was teased early on Charli’s TikTok and fans were itching for more the moment they heard it. Put on your hottest outfit that makes you feel like the baddest bitch on the planet and blast this anthem. This song is the affirmation that you indeed look hot in those clothes and you better shake that ass queen. An upbeat fun song that exudes self-confidence. It’s bikini season and we know how insecure everyone gets, but you put that bikini on, why? BECAUSE YOU’RE HOT IN IT!

When the song dropped on June 30, Charli went straight to Instagram and posted a video wearing an “I heart gossip” shirt getting her hair and makeup done with a transition into her final glam look. The song is a perfect fit for videos like this. For all the fashionistas out there who love to post makeup or clothing hauls this is the song for you to use over your video. Showcase that confidence! “Hot In It” is to help with reassurance while the beat makes you feel free and uplifted. Of course, Tiësto always makes bangers but now he has a banger that’ll boost self esteem, which is all you’ve ever wanted in a song. To feel good, dance freely and feeling like you are IT. I can totally see someone walking down the streets of New York with this song playing in the background as they strut the streets of the city with all the light blaring and car horns but we’ll ignore those because hey, we’re walking here!

Charli XCX’s Instagram post

Tiësto is an international icon, DJ and producer. He is one of the only artist to hold the title of “The Greatest DJ of All Time” courtesy of Mixmag. Rolling Stone even called him the number one DJ. Tiësto helped shaped the dance music world starting out with club bangers to eventually a high-profile residency in Las Vegas. Over 36 million albums sold, 10 billion cumulative streams (yes you read that right, BILLION) and over 30 million fans from across the globe accumulated on social media platforms. Let’s get down, let’s get down to business, “Hot In It” is another song that’ll top the charts and be enjoyed by fans all over the world. Not only by his own fans but combining with Charli’s fans as well.

Tiësto’s Instagram post

Listen to “Hot In It” HERE!

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Tiësto Tour Dates

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