With warm, distorted vocals, smooth synth, and honey-smoked guitar, Future Crib’s single “BG” sounds like how a summer breeze feels. The Nashville-based indie quintet releases their new track as an appetizer to their fourth studio album, “Full Time Smile”, expected September 10th, 2021. In addition to their upcoming album, Future Crib has announced a handful of tour dates, including appearances at Illiterate Light, Briston Maroney, and Treefort Music Fest. With a feeling that everything will be okay, “BG” kicks off the start to an eventful year for the rising band.  

Paired alongside fuzzy, cool melodies, and carefully picked strings, “BG” primarily speaks on what it is like to be completely infatuated with someone. With unabashed passion, drummer and vocalist Noah Pope describes the single as “deeply in love” and “taking in every moment.” He further goes on to describe moments on the road, the start of a romance, and the mixing pot of emotions that come with discovering oneself through love and hope. 

 “I wrote it on the road during the blossom of a very special relationship. It deals with the late nights driving home, the worry of parents, and the anticipation of the future. Through a whirlwind of fear, joy, and excitement, the song expresses how love feels as it begins to take shape.”

Noah Pope

In addition to the singles release, Future Crib teases a lighthearted, medieval-themed music video in the style of an early 2000’s VHS tape. With each band member dressed up in middle age cosplay, the story of a knight, monk, wizard, and jester rescuing a princess from a monster unfolds. As the band members embark on their journey, we watch them eat sandwiches, search the forest, and fight monsters. With subtitles beneath each scene, dialogue is added to the song, creating additional dimensions to the single’s love story. The final cut displays the band’s happy ending, with the princess rescued, kissing her knight in shining armor. 

Directed by Noah Pope and Gabe Ruckus.

Recorded in a makeshift studio in Atlanta, “BG” is all about innocence, love, and excitement in the unknown. This musical retreat not only dedicated time and care to the upcoming album, “Full Time Smile”, but fostered a strong bond within the group. Even in just watching the dynamics within the single’s music video, it is evident that this rising Nashville band holds an emphasis on democracy. The strong relationships within Future Crib bleed into their records, promoting an atmosphere and sound of friendship. 

With a goofy, lighthearted music video, youthful melodies, and a united band, Future Cribs new single “BG” is the perfect song to sunbathe to. After a retreat in Atlanta that placed emphasis on the band’s craft, the upcoming album “Full Time Smile” is bound to make a mark on the rising Nashville music scene. With tour dates across the country and an upcoming album this September, Future Crib is a band you don’t want to forget. 

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