Freak On Excites with Release of “T.F.C” 

LA Producer FREAK ON has released the highly anticipated “T.F.C.” after two years in the making. The acronym is a reference to Europe’s iconic tune, “The Final Countdown,” and brings the same excitement and anticipation as the classic. A Portland native, Freak On has been able to make ample waves in the DJ industry, matching talents such as Calvin Harris, Chris Lake, Hardwell, Dom Dolla, and more.

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FREAK ON makes a strong mark with this drop, creating new dynamics and power to match the infectious album. He utilizes a strong baseline with complex synth mixes. The delectable combination finds an undeniable groove. The song is detailed without stripping the core instrumentals of “The Final Countdown,” and the hip hop influence invites one to get up and move.

The beat drop builds at an even pace, and comes down each time after “It’s the final” and on the word “Countdown.” The climax of the song comes when he includes that last word, where the introductory band comes back into play and again we hear the familiar keyboard riff. It ends the song on the full phrase as well, a satisfying conclusion to the active tempo.

It is the perfect song to come on in a club, with a tangibly recognizable repetition but new, innovative sound. It does not lack the freshness necessary to revamp well-loved songs, refusing to completely give himself over to what “The Final Countdown” was before his influence or what his song could be without Europe’s influence. The middle ground is cohesive, creating quite the snappy song.

The cover of the single is beautiful, with telling graphics and captivating color. It depicts an hourglass, filled with a psychedelic depiction of the planet and a mountain. It is surrounded by a clock and a cosmic landscape, swirling purples and blues. It is the perfect climax of the song’s funky vibe and its topline.

We are excited to hear what comes next from the revered producer. Listen to FREAK ON’s “T.F.C” on Spotify or below. Check out the rest of his discography here.

Haven Capone Author
I love listening to folk and laughing until I cry.
Haven Capone Author
I love listening to folk and laughing until I cry.

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