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Fortunes TX EP – “Eternal Hustle”

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Texas metal bands never fall short of mind-blowing, and Fortunes TX is no exception; with their latest release “Eternal Hustle.” Released on Good Junkie Records.

The EP starts out by exploding in your face, and it burns on a high flame for the entire 17 minute duration. It’s a very quick and easy way to get your blood pumping without feeling forced. Fortunes TX’s heavy riffs feel organic and their musical talents complement each other greatly, creating an overall nice flow in the music.

A personal favorite moment of mine on the EP is the closing riff on the second track “Sink or Swim.” The chugging guitars are reminiscent of thrash, the pick sweeps have a hint of melodic death metal, and as a whole the riff sums up what the hardcore genre feels like to me.

I rate this EP as a 9.9/10, just because I wish it was longer! Final verdict is highly recommend for any hardcore fan out there and any Texas metalhead. Show some love to one of the best local bands I’ve heard in a while!

Check them out on Bandcamp, and Instagram.

-Luke Brooks @luckylukephotos \m/


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