Featured Music of the Week: Keeping Things Real

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Check out our featured songs this week, all who are unafraid of sharing their feelings of the state of the world today.

“The World Is Burning,” by Fresh Squeeze: This track is old in soul and down to rocking your world. The cool electric guitar and vocals will send you off into a land of sunshine and hot summer days all while discussing today’s struggles through society.

“Exodus 23:20,” by Rath the Angel: This artist stakes his claim on efforts to save the world against the chaos of the year and life we’ve faced up to this point.

“Maisie,” by RESPONS: A soulful R&B track, this song is committed to being real while remaining delicate and emotional. About the track, the musician said, “I wrote the track after chatting to a girl I genuinely met one time called Maisie. She was really troubled, and mentally struggling with stuff. It stuck with me. But for me, the song is just a big up to the women in my life – the women that I know that have gone through similar stuff. The whole message of the song is: You’re one in a million, and you’re gonna be alright.”

“Message d’Amour” (Acoustic Version) by ALM & Manue Ritz: A sweet, French, acoustic love song; the vocals are simple but beautifully paired with the guitar.

Which song did you like most? Let us know in the comments!

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