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“Thirty,” by Alex Gibson: With sophomore album, Thirty, just released, this title track signifies the new chapter in life, where love is longed for in its simplicity and beauty. The folk elements pour in throughout, gently guiding us on the new adventure of growing older and hopefully wiser as we face the darkness in front of us out of the hope of something better.

“Spinning Tops,” by ELDR: ELDR is the debut solo project of London-based artist & award-winning composer Marina Elderton. The latest offering from this artist is an intoxicating and mystical dream from another dimension. Creating a whole world with its poetic lyricism, this track blends the dreamy pop-scape of ambient and feminine energy.

“No Substitute,” by KOKA: This track blends in the avant-garde with indie pop, creating a new blend of distinct sound that is this artist’s alone. Her vocal melodies shape into complex journeys leading listeners through scenes of hope with a touch of mysticism. All of this, coupled with her focus in self-exploration and growth, leads her music to become unequivocal as an empowerment source.

“Remedy,” by Sterre Welding: This artist settled in Amsterdam where she took up the study of philosophy, which is heavily reflected upon in her works; autobiographical lyrics intertwine the details of all types of love and relationships: with family and friends, romantic, self-love. Sterre’s work overall comforts the soul, especially in her latest single. This track is the last to be released before the artist drops her debut EP. This track describes in intimate detail that love doesn’t always have to be requited to attain its own sense of value.

“EASTSIDE,” by ANOU, CHYLD: Beginning with a stripped-to-the-essentials vibe, this pairing of artists curate an alluring experience to all who listen. Then the bass drops, and we hear the song at its peak with harmonies glistening in the ears throughout the chorus.

Loving Fight,” by Áslaug: Icelandic-Dutch songwriter appeared into the worldwide music scene throughout 2019 and is rising in the ranks with her dreamy vocals, heavy beats, and soulful lyrics that take its listener into a faraway land. Over the past year, she has been working inexhaustibly on her second EP, Thirst, in which she takes a more analogue approach to electronic pop music. Co-produced by herself, Thirst perfectly showcases Áslaug’s incredible talent and marks a brand new start to her career. Check out her latest single, paired with a music video, below!

“Forget About Me,” by Ben Provencial, Jaylon Ashaun: This collaboration offers a unique variety of indie pop and dance. Check out this dreamy new track below!

Drop Your Guard,” by Trapt: This post-grunge track is the newest offering from this band, creating a transcendent experience that will both rock hard and leave anyone who listens deep into their feelings. The melody blends well into the instrumentals and inspires to open up and not to be afraid of taking risks for the sake of reward.

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