Coming up during the alternative rock boom of the ’80s and ’90s, Guided By Voices made a name for themselves as the principal champions of D.I.Y. indie rock. Inspiring the likes of artists such as The Strokes (0:55), the group comes back into the scene with their newest single, “Dance of Gurus.”

We love playing this one. It’s great. ‘Gurus’ here is pronounced the traditional way, with the emphasis on both syllables

Doug Gillard

From the beginning, the song is carried with a guitar scratch (or palm mute) strumming style and the repetition of the lyrics: “What’ll I do with you, you do with me.” For the majority of the verses, the vocals are presented with Robert Pollard simply talking before a more traditional indie style presents itself at the chorus and bridges. What is great about the single is that it’s not dependent on the singer’s capability but the musicality of the rest of the group, much like anything Lou Reed does.

Photo Credits: Trevor Naud

That being said, things get interesting at the 1:11-1:24 and 1:37-1:51 marks, with overdriven lead guitar parts that are weird yet captivating. The clever bass riff and the backup vocals at the last bridge are a great transition to the ending solo. That ending solo, by the way, is thunderously loud and is the best part of the track. With a ridiculously catchy riff and an energy that is fitting to end the song, you can’t help but fall in love with that solo. This song is a far cry from the lo-fi days of Guided By Voices, yet regardless, the straightforward approach of the production shows a truly mature version of the band.

Lastly, you should never judge a track based on its music video… however… you should here because it’s absolutely awesome. Full of psychedelic vibes and clips that trigger nostalgia in your brain, the visuals off the video are entertaining to watch and zone out to (this is not an insult in the slightest).

With Guided By Voices on tour now, along with their LP, “It’s Not Then. It Couldn’t Be Them!”, out October 22nd, you can be sure to get more info here at Glasse Factory.

Just a guy who likes music.
Just a guy who likes music.

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