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“Dante,” by Orly Raquel: Songstress, poetess, and psychotherapist, this artist weaves stories and poetry through her acoustic melodies to create a masterpiece of all things dreamy and sensual. Exploring themes of love, desire, femininity, and the archetypes of the collective unconscious, her music creates an intimate experience between the listener and their own minds.

“Parasite,” by Paulina: Sixteen year old German born artist released her debut into the music world just this year and has been drawing attention from critics all around. Gaining experience as a regular performer of mic nights, and playing guitar since the age of five, her talents are evident through her sound. With dreamy vocals blending with acoustic guitar, and funky drums, her indie pop beats are alluring and catchy.

“Solipsism,” by Geeze Louise: This indie rock anthem is gentle and sweet, embodying the perfect study or cozy anthem. Incorporating an air of nostalgia throughout the track, and their work, you’ll be set at ease to the beats and the soft vocals.

“Just a Dreamer,” by Isabelle Fries: This artist’s dreamy vocals blend in with the acoustic elements to create an intimate scope of cloud and the feelings of floating between them. As you soar through this sound, feelings of hope and life fill the being.

“Truth of the Matter,” by Stephen Babcock: This artist blends in americana, pop, and indie folk throughout their tracks. With this song, we sense the folk elements heavily throughout. Having spent their rising success on tour with Ed Sheeran and a new EP, this emotive folk artist should be on your radar!

“Light My Way,” by DENNY: Breathing the air of dramaticism and edge, this piano ballad is emotive and evocative with its edge of cool and crisp vocals in contrast to the soft instrumentalism that strips the song to its core.

“Thousand Times,” by JOLENE: Considered a “glitch in the matrix,” this artist slipped in through a crack in the outer realm. Her dimension of dreams become our reality through her unique blend of dark pop, well-crafted vocals, and soundscape that sends you to a whole another dimension.

“Crossfire,” by Havoc Faction: This multimedia rock project uses a wide variety of artists to pull off the ultimate science fiction story. Follow Backdraft and his group of vigilantes into the shadows of Unity City — their corrupted home in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. With musical styles ranging from alternative hard rock, to melodic metal, to angsty post-hardcore, they also experiment with synth and electronic sounds and textures.

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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