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“Make Me Human,” by SOMA: Writing pop songs with lyrics that dive deep into the artist’s multiple personas– in being everywhere and at the same time, nowhere– SOMA’s latest track blends sounds from all over the world while showcasing their unique and seductive vocals that blend into the scene.

“No Moon,” by Zack Fletcher: Hailing from Ohio, this artist crafts his tracks with ghosts of his life experience. This track in particular embodies his signature poetic lyricism, riveting guitar patterns, and ethereal melodic crescendos. His music has been described as profound, emotional, and haunting; a musical catharsis resulting in a powerful live performance and an intimate listening experience. This track is no exception to that rule.

“Don’t Forget Me,” by Jacob Lee: Singer and songwriter, Jacob Lee, is in a league of his own. Known for his meaningful, emotive lyricism and powerful melodies, Jacob has amassed over 120 million global streams with no record label, publisher or mainstream press.  Jacob Lee is the one of the most streamed artists in Australia (over 3 Million steams per week on Apple Music & Spotify), and has shunned traditional release strategies. Instead, Lee engages directly with his global fanbase to spread the word, which sees his tracks feature regularly on global trending charts. This acoustic track is intimately performed, and the vocals evoke enough emotion to grip the gut and send tears to the eyes.

“My Only,” by Ivy Rose: Born in the mid-nineties, Ivy Rose spent her childhood in Louisiana before making the move over to Houston where she did most of her growing up. Singing seemed almost subconscious. Ivy recalls, “I’ve been interested in singing since before I could remember. My dad and I would record me singing little songs we had written on a tape recorder. I absolutely loved it!” In middle school, she took up the guitar with the determination to learn any instrument to accompany her voice. Her biggest musical inspirations include Chelsea Wolfe, Radiohead, Tom Waits, and Little Dragon just to name a few. Since teaming up with Littlemore and Mayes since Littlemore’s wife, artist Gigi Rose Gray, discovered Ivy Rose’s poignant and powerful covers on YouTube, Rose has begun composing complex and powerfully challenging works of art. This single coats a state of warmth and light as it pulls its audience through the captivating sound of her voice. And you’re hooked in as soon as the first words pour out.

“Fiction Borders,” by Noralyn: This track bleeds out a soft piano ballad while the artist’s lyrics pull you to and fro. Her vocals lilt and sway on their own and create a beautiful melody.

“Nothing,” by VanIves: Childhood friends Stuart Ramage (Singer, Songwriter, guitarist) and Roan Ballantine (Producer, pianist, DJ and songwriter) make up the multi-genre-bending duo of VanIves. Hailing from south-west Scotland their sound originates from the dancefloor, layering catchy hooks and immersive imagery which is quietly making this duo Scotland’s most exciting export. This track begins with a slow burn, easing into the scene with an alluringly soft sound that pulls you in. As the track builds, the vocals pour into the scene and burn into the memory.

“Perfume,” by Del Water Gap: Solo project of songwriter S. Holden Jaffe, who is based in Brooklyn and inspired by “romantic encounters and dimly lit rooms.” This track is sweet, heartfelt, and visually inspiring with its lyricism.

“Moments,” by Ellur: Hailing from Halifax, 20 year-old artist is an infectiously authentic indie-pop artist who sings about the challenges and thrills of modern day romance and break-ups with compelling originality. Since writing her first songs when she was just 11, Ellur continued to create music throughout her teens and turned to the empowering attitude and aesthetic of feminist icons like Madonna, Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks to inspire her. Her new EP ‘Moments’ is a bold and honest exploration into human relationships that mirrors the pop hooks and festival-ready choruses of modern day artists like HAIM and Lorde, while still giving a nod to the 80s anthems she grew up on. This track blends in the inspirations like none other while her emotive vocals take the center stage.

“Serotonin,” by Cellarr, LA WOMEN: This track changes the mood with its uplifting soft rock tones as the cool vocals blend in and create a masterpiece of late summer sound.

“Seriously?” by Maya Malkin: Montreal-turned-Toronto based artist, making pop with a purpose, first entered the scene with her band Motel Raphael. In 2020 when the world felt more apocalyptic than ever, Maya launched her solo project with her first single, “Hostage.” Maya holds nothing back, and is here to offer the sounds of victory and healing, having come out the other side of an abusive relationship. Her brutally honest lyrics dressed up in glossy pop production, her knack for writing a catchy melody, and her vision for this project make her a force to be reckoned with and an artist to watch in 2021. Seriously is a catchy, hook-rich bop that is euphoric and inspirational.

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