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“What Fire,” by Jane Mathew: This singer-songwriter is back with a touching acoustic hit. As the second single toward her upcoming album, its dreamy vocals are showcased through the beautiful harmony of guitars swaying to the beat.

“Truly Free,” by Chianne: Beginning this track off, classical strings play off in an emotionally written and raw ballad. The artist’s uplifting message encourages any of their audience to live fully authentically and free of burden. Nothing shows this like this track as she takes on the voice of someone who processes through the freeing of their own shackles pulling them back.

“what i’m missing,” by Allison Leah: This intimate track shares the vulnerable side to this artist. With an ethereal melody, the vocals stand on their own in their unique qualities all while opening wide her feelings to the world about the hollowness within herself over someone.

“Hands,” by Ilton: This ambient track begins with an alluring acoustic guitar riff, then blends in with chilling and cool vocals that will set the heart at ease.

“STOAWAY,” by S O N O f: No longer able to get together during the pandemic, the members of folk band; The Vitrolum Republic, each took to their homes to create independently. Rooted in their classical training and decade of improvisational acoustic performances, they found new ways of playing together by diving deep into newly discovered electronic instruments and passing digital files to one-another. This track is no exception to that experimentalization. Out comes a blend of harmonizing folk vocals, acoustic guitar, and chill electronic elements which create an experience through their journey like none other.

“Can’t Be Love,” by Boon: This eighteen year old singer, songwriter, producer, and overall jack-of-all-trades in the industry seems to have mastered the essence of a meaningful and catchy tune. Reaching coveted playlist spots throughout his career, the artist is back with a fresh hit of his own, unique flavor.

“In Your Hands,” by PYLOTS EYE: This four-piece Australian band blends rock with pop punk in this captivating track. The vocals are emotionally uplifting, all while pairing with some classic 2010s rock elements that never seem to grow old.

“Boring,” by Lil Mariko: Changing the pace, this satirical track clashes with the weird and the post-genre. With a nu-metal beat, some hip hop elements, and a break into heavy unclean vocals that send chills to the spine. Paired with a music video to match, these fun visuals encapture the lighthearted message all while being “an anthem to the weirdos out there.”

“Smells Like Teen Spirit (cover),” by nightswimx: This unique take on the classic grunge hit offers a unique perspective on the versatility of the lyrics all while offering a new and emotional take on the track. Blending EDM with rock and Bass House, the track bends all we know now about genre in this soundscape.

“Space,” by Becky Hill (Remix by Nathan Dawe): A part of a remix package of the hit single, this fresh take is all dreamy and bubbly, showcasing Hill’s vocals in a new light. Blending the convicting message in “needing space,” in a relationship, the emotion in the vocals are drawn out into a state of melancholy while encouraging listeners to dance their pain away.

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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