If you were asked to name some of the progenitors of Celtic punk, chances are that you’d rightfully list Flogging Molly high up on your list. The Irish-American band — famous for their vibrant live performances and melodic songs — is going on a 25+ year career with no signs of stopping anytime soon, as evidenced by their latest, boisterous single, “These Times Have Got Me Drinking.”

Flogging Molly has always been the “fun” band in the decently-sized Celtic punk genre. They may not be as overtly political as Dropkick Murphys or as culturally traditional as The Pogues. But Flogging Molly has cut out a niche for themselves as the group that will get you going in a rapturous sing-along faster than anyone else — epitomized perfectly on “These Times Have Got Me Drinking,” which sounds like a mini-live concert in and of itself.

The song pulls out all the bells and whistles — literally. It features the usual accordions, harmonicas and fiddles for which Flogging Molly are known, while adding in spoons and other unique percussive sounds to achieve its drunken-like state. The time signature slows and speeds to match the waltz-like, dizzying nature of its pounding chorus: “These times have got me drinking / As I’m tripping up the stairs / To an empty room left haunted / By a ghost who once lived there.” It’s an effect that fits well for these still-uncertain times, and a sentiment that lead singer Dave King said was a driving force behind the song:

“It’s a perfect song for right now … I think it summarizes everything our band is about—which is celebration with our loved ones in trying times. It’s about joy amidst, and in spite of, stuff trying to grind us down.”

Even when the world seems to be falling apart, one can take comfort in the fact that Flogging Molly will be there to pick them up and take them home safely — ensuring they get a little fun in along the way, of course. Flogging Molly just wrapped up a nationwide tour, and they are embarking on a worldwide tour starting this summer. You can listen to their latest single below!

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