Broken Back – Good Days 


Jérôme Fagnet, under the pseudonym of Broken Back is a French Electro Folk Singer-Songwriter & Producer. He just put out this 51-minute project of high energy acoustic-electric tunes. On this project, he focuses on keeping the music high energy and simple. You’ll hear crossovers from all types of the mainstream world of alt-rock and even world sounds. Broken Back is currently signed to Ultra Music. If you like artists from that spectrum, you will enjoy this release. 


Wire – Mind Hive

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Wire is back with another rhythmic and dark post-punk record, also littered with some art-rock jams in there. Now, this album isn’t incredible, but it’s a decent Wire album. At this stage in their career, Colin Newman and Graham Lewis are only here to continue making music they love. You can’t expect your old favorites to always have a repeat of a classic album around the corner. This isn’t a perfect album, but if you give it a listen, you might find a few songs you will add to your daily routine. 


Georgia – Seeking Thrills


Hey you! Yeah, you reading this article (thanks for that by the way) do you want an electropop album that you could put in the background of your medium sized studio apartment party? Well, then I’ve got the album for you. Georgia is one of the best artists in the UK pop scene right now, Seeking Thrills is a clean album that bounces all by itself. The synths may seem like a retro throwback, but Georgia works hard to make sure it’s not reminiscent of the 80’s. There are some great modern dance hits all over this record. Occasionally it feels like it’s trying to sound like a top 40 chart hit, but there are more abrasive dry tracks that balance it out. You’ll hear more stunted sounds on tracks like “Mellow” and “Ray Gun.” Georgia kills it on this release, and you should give it a shot! 


Andy Shauf – The Neon Skyline


Following in the vein of “The Party”, “The Neon Skyline” is a concept album telling a story. Unlike “The Party,” which was more about different characters and events. “The Neon Skyline” tells a story from beginning to end about friends meeting at the Skyline Restaurant. Shauf’s new album is the perfect soundtrack for a fool’s spring walk. When winter starts to calm down a bit and then you can start wearing a less heavy jacket. Like most of his projects this has a warmth to it. The album treats nostalgia as a pleasure not to be taken lightly. We are with this one character in a small moment in which he is barely focused on and he is clearly stuck in the past. The calmness of these tracks distract from some of the more intense thoughts our main character is experiencing. Also there are lovely woodwind compositions all throughout this album. It’s a bit of a slow burn, but if you like the work of Jens Lenkman and Phoebe Bridgers, you should check it out. 


Poppy – I Disagree 


Poppy has created a project that is a mutant hybrid of dream pop and alternative metal. One minute on this album, you listen to some beautiful harmonies and then brutal drop-tuned guitar riffs. You’ll hear chugging crab-core era guitar along with cutesy pop synths. This album is energetic, anxious, noisy, and pessimistic. It’s a wild mess, that is unabashedly itself without caring what you think at all. This is such a refreshing change of pace for music in general, I loved seeing someone take such a bold risk in their own sound. We live in the most exciting time for music, we’re seeing artists exploring every possible combination of sounds. If you feel like trying something new today, I highly recommend this. 

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