Ferris and Sylvester Want to be a “Breadwinner” in New Single

On February 11, Britain-based duo Ferris and Sylvester released their newest single, Breadwinner. Writing hundreds of songs together, the duo has skillfully evolved their sound into a mix of Folk and Americana, and Breadwinner is a testament to the smooth vocalisms the duo brings to the table in their songs. 

A song from their upcoming debut album, “Superhuman”, set to be released in March, Breadwinner is a song about a tumultuous relationship and the back and forth. Lyrically speaking of an on and off again relationship and “throwing things away”, the lyrics progress into wishing to be the “breadwinner”, however, they are “living off a loan”. These lyrics highlight the want to provide for the relationship and feel at home with their partner. Additionally, the vocal harmonization really adds to the symbolism in the lyrics and the story of the song as a whole. 

Meeting as solo musicians are the London Blues joint, Ferris and Sylvester have released a multitude of songs, recorded in their South London flat, that show the vulnerable and messy parts of their life together. Their upcoming album is a collection of genres and raw emotions through the eyes of Ferris and Sylvester. 

Listen to Breadwinner by Ferris and Sylvester, out now!

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