Fantasillion is the musical alter ego of Kim Glad Wagner. An experienced producer and songwriter who is now unfolding his solo project. Fantasillion is all about well written pop songs wrapped in dense and grandiose productions. His music is playful and colorful and has lots of organic vibes.

The new single ‘Need a Way Out’(release 25. Sep) is an energetic and groovy pop tune; punchy drums, funky bass, sharp synths and straight forward guitar. The single is accompanied by a claustrophobic, one-take video recorded under water.

Fantasillion’s latest single ‘Fantasillionaire’ was well-received: 

‘Catchier than syphilis in a fraternity bedroom comes the incredibly well- crafted song…’ (Get Some Magazine) 

‘I am enjoying the song’s energy and how big it sounds…such a colourful piece of music…’ (Caesar Live N Loud)

Also his debut single ‘If You Let Me’ got attention and danish national radio P4 played it throughout the year. This was co-written with danish pop star Nicklas Sahl.

Kim Glad Wagner is a multi-instrumentalist and produces the songs himself. However he always invites other musicians to join the process. This gives life to the songs and lifts them even higher. He has worked many years as a producer and songwriter with other artist, among others Nicklas Sahl, Casper Milton and Veronica Maggio. 

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