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The candles are lit, the lights are dimmed, and it’s time for the next episode of Exhibit&Friends. Today we have Gods Favorite Sun and a Child Of The Pyramids, rapper Santana Ali.

Santana, Santana, Santana…Ali. This is one of the guys that has been on my radar since before I even moved to LA. Now, I didn’t know Santana Ali – I knew NIKLO. I knew the rapper that made “MADE”, “Birdsnaflck”, and “Whip It Flip It”. The rapper that would post some wild shit on his social media, disappear, and return with more wild shit while announcing fire new music.

Music that was coming soon, though. Santana Ali has been stirring the pot on his social media channels for a few years now. He is keeping his fans hooked with captivating visuals, wild quotes, and envious videos. He drops it’s fire, but make sure you get it or else you may miss it. Good luck finding the songs I listed above, but you’re gonna ask when it’s on the aux. He’s building an image, and it has had me hooked since I first peeped it a few years ago.

It was fun catching up with Santana Ali. After hearing what he had to say I have to hand it to him – his brand is something different. It’s revealed like a puzzle – everything he releases seems random, but it’s all connected. The quality of his material is always unique enough to catch the eye. I’m sitting here trying to explain it, but it’s hard. One day he’s posting spiritual African videos on his story, the next day he’s draped head to toe in designer, and a week later he’s on top of cars with a spiked baseball bat. You can’t argue the rapper doesn’t know how to capture the eye.

Then his music is quality, and falls under the same theme as the visuals he is posting on his pages. He’s been doing this for years now, and hasn’t disappointed. Some of the tracks are just straight bangers (again, wish I could show y’all “MADE”). Other tracks, like “For Real”, have more of a classic feel to it, and tracks like “John” heavily reflect his brand. Peep the music video for “For Real” below.

Alright I’m shutting up. Santana Ali’s socials everyone:

Santana Ali:

SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

And, hold the applause, me:


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Aaaaaaaaannnddd the interview:

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