Exclusive Premiere: The comfort and nostalgia in Libby Jade’s new single “Homebody”

The soft interplay of two guitars, playing quickly in intertwining patterns, gracefully leads us into the intro for Libby Jade’s latest single “Homebody.” It’s the kind of music that brings that sense of unconditional safety and familiarity, the strumming patterns understated and patient. As the song progresses, Jade begins to open up about her true feelings about the idea of leaving her hometown to find something beyond all she’s ever known. Throughout the track, she becomes more sure of how she feels, rejecting society’s insistence that she “act her age.” As the vulnerability shifts into a state of conscious rebellion, the guitars transcend into their own alternative riffs.

“Homebody” is a love letter to Jade’s own hometown, a vulnerable call against our idealization of jumping into unknown spaces to somehow flourish amidst the unfamiliar. Jade rejects the world’s way of “trick[ng] me with skylines” and prefers to “stay the same and be a nobody.” It’s this simple pull toward nostalgia that makes this track a natural hit, both within and beyond the indie-pop sphere it resides in. 

Jade said about her honesty within the song, “something I never wanted to truly face the fact that I am, honestly, a homebody. Not the kind of homebody that doesn’t want to leave their couch, but the kind that has a yearning and emotional tie to their hometown… which is something nobody ever wants to admit.” Based out of Jersey City (where she rules over her own little kingdom), Libby Jade is an indie-pop artist drawn toward nostalgic sounds. Despite the sometimes open embarrassment of her infatuation with where she resides, she finds it difficult to imagine forcing another city to become hers.

“That’s what movies and tv shows always tell us to do! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve created new homes, but these homes always end up being in different parts of NJ. ‘”Homebody” is an ode to finally facing that feeling and owning it. I’m a proud homebody and I hope that everyone that listens to this song can go to their favorite hometown spot and scream along to the lyrics.” Keep up with Jade on her Instagram for future releases and watch the video for her newest track “Homebody” below!

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