Gavin Leatherwood Releases Summer Anthem “Be My Lover”

On April 8, Gavin Leatherwood released the upbeat and exciting song “Be My Lover” available to stream on all platforms! “Be My Lover” is the perfect indie-pop tune to yell with your friends this summer with the windows down! 

Leatherwood’s song starts out with the words “1 plus 32 is 33, so” which does not give one much knowledge on what to expect. Leatherwood then sparks an upbeat presence and speaks of a girl that everyone notices when in the room. The song walks us through the story of a woman you’re just drawn to, almost as if there’s something magnetic about her. Leatherwood then speaks about the loneliness of the night and going home, and asks if she would “Be [his] Lover” tonight. The song has a certain sensuality about it with the implication that she “wears lace” and the straightforwardness of the question that makes the name of the title of the song. 

California-based, Gavin Leatherwood, is best known for his roles in “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” and “The Sex Lives of College Girls”. However, he has played piano and guitar since he was a teen and took advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to dive into the music industry while production for film shut down. From this, Leatherwood’s musical career was born, and you can listen to his songs produced in quarantine here! 

“Be My Lover” is full of upbeat guitar that seamlessly blends with Leatherwood’s vocals to create the sense of sensuality spoken of earlier. The guitar riff starts around approximately 2:37 and is the perfect build-up to end this fun summer song! 

Listen to “Be My Lover” out now!

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