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Exclusive Premiere: Soul/Pop Artist Dakota Ryley Keeps It Light and Flirty On Upbeat Track “Good For You”

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Established New York-bred, Nashville based songwriter Dakota Ryley, was convinced by her mentor to make the shift into pursuing her own career as an artist. 2020 saw Dakota hit the ground running by dropping five singles that showcase her sultry Soul/Pop style, garnering over 150K organic streams combined on Spotify and Apple Music. Buckling down, Dakota has spent the beginning of 2021 finalizing tracks and visuals for her debut EP. 

Much like this year, Dakota looks to shed the anxiety and uneasiness that was the subject of several of her singles like “Stranger” and “My Own Advice,” with the release of her new single, “Good For You,” dropping on June 3rd. Just in time for summer, this flirty, upbeat single introduces a light-hearted tone to match the butterfly of emotions that come with a new crush. “Good For You” is about pursuing someone who is equally as interested, but may be closed off due to past experiences. 

“It’s so tough in your teens and 20’s; you’re not only finding yourself but finding out what you like and how to communicate. I wanted to write a fun, flirty song about what it’s like to work through that, in pursuing a love interest.”

Dakota Ryley

Instead of dishing out blame to the one she’s interested in, she sings from an understanding perspective which emphasizes the loving theme to the song. This feels refreshing, as it’s a more empathetic and considerate way to approach a new love. The way she sings and delivers vocally, smooth and full, gives the lyrics an equally patient reassurance: sweetly accompanying her lyrics. All the elements come together to create a breezy, blissful experience for the listener – and most likely a sense of relatability as well. Dakota’s ability to document and express modern trends is clear through this song, which hints at an undoubtedly bigger appeal in the future. This certainly makes her an artist you’ll want to keep on your radar.

Remaining true to her New York roots, Dakota is a hundred percent honest in her writing. Co-written by Kendall Brower and Parker Mathews, all writers express too familiar feelings of electricity and desire, when finding yourself invested in someone new along with the eagerness to jump into it head first. 

“Good For You” acknowledges the hesitation that comes with such strong emotions and the trust that must be created to make it comfortable to leap. The pronounced but reserved instrumentation in the verses building into a horn heavy, syncopated chorus illustrates these previously mentioned feelings, reflecting someone holding in their desires until they can’t contain them any longer and they just burst out of them.

 “Parker will attest to the fact that it’s been 18 long months of hard work on this song. At first, it wasn’t quite where I needed it. Once we added live instrumentation, such as the horn section, I felt like I was right at home. This song is the pinnacle of my music’s evolution over the past year.”

Dakota Ryley

A recent artist to the scene, Dakota is not to be overlooked. She blends Motown and Soul motifs with old and new Pop sounds to create a vibrant blend that is uniquely her. As she firms her presence in 2021, there is a lot of excitement building around this new single and debut EP. Definitely an artist to follow early!

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