Exclusive Premiere: New track “Goodbye” is a genre-fusion lo-fi prayer

A hazy, reflective indie-rock sound is cultivated instantly in “Goodbye,” a new collaborative track between two artists based across the world from one another. A soft guitar strums gently at the introduction of the track, inviting in a world of reflection and ease. The feeling of solace and color is emphasized through the soothing lyrics, the comforting words of Ulennni Okandlovu, slow-brush strokes across the unique soundscape crafted by his partner Z3th3r. The reflexive guitar sound and world instruments make way for a lo-fi, zen-inspired track, an individualistic and new song beyond genre.

“[The song is] a prayer for loved ones to endure and stay strong in tough times, remembering that the journey of life always comes with ups and downs.” 

Ulenni Okandlovu

This track comes from a long-distance collaboration between two artists, one from Oakland, California, and the other from Zimbabwe. “Goodbye” is a song of meditation, a wonderful showing of worlds that should collide but fit like puzzle pieces, a plea for understanding in a world where we all experience personalized ups and downs. An atmospheric production, it has futuristic elements as well as realism making for a new sound backdropped by nostalgia.

Ulenni, who does the vocals on the track, is a multi-disciplinary artist from Matopo Hills, Zimbabwe. He is the co-founder and lead vocalist of experimental music duo Bantu Spaceships. Z3thxr, on the production side of “Goodbye,” is a solo artist out of Oakland, California. Also known as Zachary Seth Greer, he is inspired by collecting field recordings, indie rock guitar, 808 beats, and more, elements he uses to create a unique sonic soundscape of his own. Listen to their track “Goodbye” below!

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