EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: flowers de moon Releases “Mary Poppins”

Premiering and releasing TODAY, flowers de moon shows off his newest creation “Marry Poppins,” a track coming from simultaneously released EP Vagabenders. Highlighting the dynamic and creative energy of Doug Fraley, flowers de moon combines different electronic melodies without losing any emotional edge.

flowers de moon emerged from Fraley’s desire to experiment with cross-genre songwriting. His sound transcends classic genre lines, merging indie pop, funk, trip hop, psych and jazz, to make songs that are modern, addictive and groovy. Vagabengers follows 2016 EP Depression Smiles Chaos Winks, which had notable success in the college radio sphere, reaching #136 on the NACC Top 200 list.

“I made ‘Mary Poppins’ in L.A. from this April to June. It’s about growing up in Pittsburgh with ADD: excelling in school, seeking out highs and starting feuds. The title is a nod to the first line wordplay: ‘take a shot of the whiskey to feel some good, merry pill poppins in the neighborhood.’

It can be said that “Mary Poppins” starts off by captivating its audiences instantly, presenting echoing harmonies of bell and siren like notes. The track goes through many transitions, however, the biggest occurs in the beginning, when the sound atmosphere changes from relatively light and airy, then dives all the way down to lower textures and a grunge-like vibe. Here, flowers de moon tells his personal story of vanlife and addiction, how he skipped classes in high school, made and broke friendships, and believed in the telling of living life to the fullest while still young and able to. His voice, although heavily edited in certain sections, is still easy to understand, which can be considered a rarity in the autotune sphere today.

“Mary Poppins” overflows with creative intent, from its little details to its main message, and is surely an inventive standout in the indie electronic genre. Not only should you listen to “Mary Poppins,” but also the entirety of the Vagabenders EP, just to get a taste of a passionate form of artwork being crafted in times like today.

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