Estella Dawn Shares Newest Single, “Buzzcut”

Estella Dawn, New Zealand born, US based pop artist, singer, songwriter, producer and multi instrumentalist, Estella has the skills to not only have a creative vision but to guide that process through to a cohesive, fully formed, song. With works often about empowerment and confidence and span various genres, she reflects a beautiful array of skill and diverse creative output. She has organically grown her career and following with a consistent release of music that resonate with the personal reflections on life as a mid 20’s woman in a complex, and sometimes overwhelming, world. 

The latest single from her string of releases, “Buzzcut,” is also the first single release from her highly anticipated full length album due out later this year. Released on March 11th, this track only builds that anticipation further. Having already released 17 singles since 2020, this album is Estella’s clearly paved next step in her music journey as she blends a cohesive mix of live musical arrangements, pop sensibilities and a relatable, mature sense of lyricism paired with vocals that soothe the soul in their skill, maturity, and cathartic sense of expression.

Depicting a story behind the term, “chameleon daters,” Estella’s track showcases a new side to the people who change their appearance, style, musical taste, and even eating habits to mirror each new romantic partner. Estella Dawn places her conscious observing skills on another level with this track, offering an empowering message for women all around to stay true to themselves.

I think as a women, we tend to do this more than men – we are conditioned to believe we have to shrink, re-adjust and mold ourselves to satiate the male gaze. There are so many products telling us how we should look, feel and smell, and countless more movies and shows telling us how we should act and behave. In our quest to find this perfect partner I think we can often end up compromising a lot of what makes us unique and special.

I wanted to flip that narrative on its head with “Buzzcut”. This song is about holding your shape when embarking on a new relationship, an encouragement to “stay true to your own authentic flare.” To have someone be so enthralled with you that they would adjust themselves to better suit what they thought you wanted.  

~ Estella Dawn

Stream the new single, available now on all listening platforms.

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