Emmrose is a seventeen-year-old singer-songwriter living in New York City. She has been writing, recording, and performing her original music since the age of fourteen. Born and raised in lower Manhattan, Emmrose began playing piano at the age of eight.  

“I was at Sunday School when I came across a brown, upright piano sitting alone in a room. I remember sitting alone and playing an A-minor chord. I didn’t know what that was yet. I played some other chords and before I knew it, I had written my first instrumental song.”

Emmrose wrote her first song five years ago in math class. She is now a 17-year-old songwriter and performer based in New York City currently working on the follow-up to her first EP, Hopeless Romantics, released in 2019. Despite quarantine, she continues to perform live streams for her fans (weekly), attends high school (remotely), and write songs during classes (frequently).

Thousands of people have discovered her unique take on introspective dream pop since her first release two years ago. Her most requested and downloaded song on the EP, ‘Tonight,’ showcases her gift with melody and her exceptional attention to lyrics that seem to come straight from a teenager’s diary: I could lie and say I’m fine, but that’s useless. Is it the people or just stress? Makes no difference. The EP’s last song ‘Don’t Go’ resulted from a heartfelt reaction to a fellow student’s admission of suicidal thoughts. During the COVID lockdown, Emmrose received messages from teens worldwide who said they listened to her voice to help them get through the night –the best music review or award an artist could ever receive.

During this challenging time in New York City, she released  “The Imposter” in March of 2021, and will be continuing to release new singles every five weeks for the remainder of this year. Today, August 27th, Emmrose dropped “Ragdoll” a dreamscape-filled track worthy of the haunting message it contains. Equally as empowering, it inspires its audience to push past the negative voices, to conquer the puppeteers, cut the strings, and break free from manipulation. Its a bold statement, but the artist addresses it gently, coercing the audience by personifying metaphors of dolls and singing “I’m not your marionette…I’m stronger than you think.”

Emmrose will be going on tour with Sara Bareilles; the rescheduled date for the event will be on September 10th at an outdoor amphitheater in Little Island Park off Pier 55. If you’re in the New York City area, you’ll NOT want to miss it!

Stream the new single, available on all platforms:

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