Emma Freeman Writes Big Decisions on a “Pink Post-It Note” in Latest Track

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It might seem strange to fit some of the biggest decisions of your life on one of the smallest pieces of paper possible, but it’s not that strange for singer/songwriter Emma Freeman who boldly writes big decisions on pink post-it notes. Emma has a fondness for lyrical melodies, lush harmonies, and truthful storytelling; the fondness is apparent in her latest track, “Pink Post-It Note.”

Her vocals have been described as “conversational and melodious at once, forlorn and hopeful and inspiring a tear down a cheek which we weren’t sure was one of joy or sadness” (mp3hugger). You may know her from the Averno concept albums of Willow and Bittersummer, produced by Broadway Records, and “Dazed.” Her music draws on the influences of Regina Spektor, Joni Mitchell, and others while creating a unique sound of her own.

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Sam Sultan, “Pink Post-It Note” is a track that keeps things light. From the whimsical lyrics to the soft piano keys to the hushed vocal tones, there’s a welcome candor that listeners can find within the short run-time. Emma fills the track with conversational energy, treating us to a train-of-thought style of singing; she particularly gets caught up in the fact that the post-it note is pink. The soundscape is very reflective of the lyrics – the uncertainty in the decision is mirrored as light percussions scattered behind her vocals, which carry a delicate spirit despite the heftiness of the larger topic.

Let Emma Freeman charm you into a sense of calm with “Pink Post-It Note.”

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