bloody white is part of the new wave of fearless artists emerging with refreshing and exciting sounds. The 20-year old self-taught singer, songwriter and producer from Santa Barbara has been crafting electronic beats and making music from his bedroom for nearly 10 years now.

Upon the release of his undeniably catchy, lo-fi pop/electronic single “tongue tied,” bloody received editorial support from Spotify on their Fresh Finds and Lorem playlists and has already garnered over 1 million plays.  He followed that up with the crescendoing angst ridden single “funeral.”
Everything about bloody white is DIY. All the songs on his EP are entirely self-written, produced, performed, mixed, mastered including his videos.  In the lead up to his September 9 debut EP release “you’d walk right over me”, bloody white self-directed and edited a series of VHS home videos.

“It was really important to me that my first videos feel real and represent the small town I’m from near Santa Barbara. They had to be true to what I grew up around and look nostalgic, too, and the most honest way I could do that was by recording with my old VHS camera I got when I was 7. My friends and I shot a lot of footage together for more than a year. Small town California is the backdrop for all the videos. I’m calling them VHS home videos because that’s what they are,” bloody explained.
Premiering today, “tongue tied” and “funeral” are the first opportunities for his early and new fans to get an inside look into his world. Unlike most 20-year-old’s, he has remained pretty enigmatic on social media – but this is no coincidence, as that’s his thing. bloody white’s mystique is just part of what makes him so fascinating.

“The video for “tongue tied” is really a culmination of the last year and a half. It’s little moments from that time since I finished the EP. The way it looks and flows is true to the vibe of the song.  The video for “funeral” is similarly about how that song feels to me. The location we chose to shoot it at is eerie and has a cemetery. I just wanted to be surrounded by heavy shit like death and religion,” he said.

bloody white has a way of transforming his most pensive teenage experiences, romanticizing them, and presenting them in their most rare form. The EPs material is an accumulation from his informative years to his struggles that he faced leading up to being a teenager, coming to terms with addiction and as he says “the self inflicted b.s” that he put onto himself. Stay tuned for bloody white’s new single and video “first time” to be released on August 18, with his debut EP to follow in early September.

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