Directed by Joelle Grace Taylor and released to the public on November 23, 2021, EMELINE’s single “this is how i learn to say no” recieved a beautiful music video that tells the story of the power in standing up for yourself. The track itself was released last August, and in the lyrics EMELINE left messages of rediscovering your inner strength after whatever it is that traumatic incidents may have taken away from you. Overall, EMELINE is known for her multi-instrumental talent earning her well over 10 million global streams, and the significance of the vuneralbility that others can relate to in her songs.

“This music video shows the many sides to my vulnerability and strength throughout my personal healing and growth. I wanted it to show my pain and liberation by the shore. I love storytelling; and with this video I wanted it to be about connecting the audience with my emotions and allowing my lyrics and performance to be that bridge.”


“this is how i learn to say no” was given the perfect decision of being filmed by the ocean, and this fact alone allows the emotion from this track to blossom even further. EMELINE shows herself in a place as freeing as the shorelines, wearing a visually heavy chainmail dress and adopting a ferocious look in her eyes. As she sings the lyrics of “this is how i learn to say no,” she removes the heavy chains that were previously binding her down, and she runs into the waters at the song’s conclusion. The joy of being free is expressed greatly when she is released from the chains, and this shows the true beauty of loving yourself, and what it can do for your quality of life in the long run.

This track desveres a spot on your good vibes playlist, and it can be added here:

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