Eden Rain Wakes Up The Senses With ‘Bed’ 

When we hear the word bed, two major things come to mind. They are namely : a place to lay your head on, and a furniture shared by people with a deep bond (couple, friends etc.). Whether you prescribe to the first or second perception, one thing’s for sure. A bed is a source of comfort, relaxation and this bastion of protection from unwanted elements like stress among other things. Which is good, but when taken to the extreme could very well be a catalyst for a person’s downfall.

This is the exact image painted by rising London artist Eden Rain with her song ‘Bed’. Released last February 15th in all streaming platforms, ‘Bed’ is an intimate tale of a person engulfed by melancholy. To combat it, her weapon of choice is the bed wherein she would ‘sleep on it now’ till the pain goes away. While this is a good strategy to take (for a short time), we see this being exploited to the point of “the doctor calls me up. I guess he’s scared of my practice”. In addition the doctor prescribes a high dose of medication, but then she thinks it isn’t needed because there’s nowhere to go anyway. Homebound we go, for now and perhaps the foreseeable future.

Even with it’s dark undertones, Eden Rain’s ‘Bed’ manages to bring intense joy to the senses. Thanks to her awe inspiring vocals, the upbeat instrumentals, and it’s springy rhythm. One can’t help but get carried away and be transported to dream land in an instant, despite the alarming state of mind shown in the lyrics. It’s tricky that way, much like a magic spell that leaves us all breathless. To a point, it could also be seen as the true inviting nature of a bed in music form. Enticing, easy to fall for literally and figuratively but most of all strikingly relatable. For a tired and weary person that’s the only thing that matters- a warm and cozy bed.

Crazy about Eden Rain and her unique sound? If so, the. Go ahead and follow her in her official SoundCloud , Instagram, Twitter and Youtube accounts for more heartfelt content.

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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