DYLYN Shares Story Behind “Skin and Bone”

DYLYN- also known as Gwendolyn Lewis- has created a unique style that pulls together raw, rock and roll energy with infectious pop soundscapes. We reached out to chat about her and how the release of her latest single, “Skin and Bone,” and how it will continue to shape her sound in the future.

Just a few blocks from the ocean, nestled in the mountains, DYLYN has found her home in the creative world of Vancouver, Canada, as well as being able to connect and be so close to the landscapes and nature she’s continued to fall in love with.

I’ve found some incredible people in the music industry out here and life long friendships – all who have the same passion for art and music.


With influences that range from Blondie to Black Sabbath, DYLYN collides many eras and styles in her work. “I believe there are songs you make on albums that become your north stars, an indication of where you’re going next,” she says. “A lot of my influences come from what I’m listening to at the time. One of my songs, “You,” was a heavier take on a 50s bop. At the time I was listening to a lot of Santo & Johnny, The Everly Brothers – it’s funny how much it bleeds into your art.”

And the latest we have to hear from DYLYN is “Skin and Bone,” out now on all listening platforms. As the latest single fresh off the release of her EP, Bring on the Blues, it explores the rare soul connection that makes one’s world explode. Adding on to that idea, it also shares the experience in going deeper with a person, to evolve, to connect, to grow, and to truly love.

Regarding its production, DYLYN shares her love in hunting for unique sounds to help her work take shape. “I love spending time finding the perfect guitar tone,” she says, “as well as the right industrial sounding drum kit, or even a f***ed up string to tie everything together. The search for the right elements or lyrics – it’s some of the best parts when crafting songs.”

She shares, too, the meaning behind “Skin and Bone.”

“Skin & Bone” is about a rare soul connection that makes your world explode. While I was writing this song with Parker Bossley, we had a conversation about first loves and how potent they are. Your world feels so colorful and fragile. Everything is so intense. You chase that feeling of a first love in songwriting in a way. It is so new and exciting. To love someone to the skin and bone. I thought that was a beautiful visual – you never forget your first.


And keeping to her truest self, the shaping of “Skin and Bone” charged much more than a feeling for finding infectious tunes that others could connect to seamlessly. In regards to how the song may continue to shape her message in her creative journey, she states:

For a long time I wanted to make everyone happy. I have started to trust my instincts and follow my intuition. I am getting better at searching for my truth in songs, caring less and gravitating towards the core of me.


Later this year, we are excited to share that DYLYN will be releasing an album! “It feels surreal knowing everything will be out in the world,” she comments. “I’m heading to LA next week to continue writing. Excited to get back out to touring and connecting with people. I believe there is something in the works that will be announced very soon!”

Stay tuned for more updates on DYLYN!

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