DWLLRS Returns With THE Song for Car Rides, “Driving”

DWLLRS is back with another beautiful track, “Driving.” The duo, consisting of Bren Eissman and Joey Spurgeon, has steadily released singles, with their most popular track “Blue Spirits” going viral on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

It’s no surprise why. DWLLRS’ music shouts “main character energy”. A simple rotation through their tracks makes listeners feel like they’re in a music video. Perhaps it is because the artists capture so well the feeling of feeling so many things simultaneously— experiencing nostalgia, dealing with heartbreak and finding purpose.

Driving is about finding passion in moments of solitude. It represents our tendency to romanticize loneliness, sadness and overthinking. This song is about how something as simple as driving can propel dreamers like us into a state of copacetic nostalgia.


Bren Eissman and Joey Spurgeon grew up together in San Clemente, California, becoming close friends as roommates in college. Sharing an interest in music, the pair found ways to combine their meaningful, late-night conversations with songwriting and debuted with “And Then We’ll Be Alright” during quarantine. Working off their love for artists like BROCKHAMPTON, Tame Impala and Frank Ocean, DWLLRS grew to find its unique sound and expression. There is an undeniable Californian influence that evokes golden hour, warm sun, and laid-back drives. But there is also a sense of contemplation and restfulness conveyed in such an effortless and even way.

I can drive all night, 3 AM

Dreams until I die, I’m crying

I wanna notice me

I’m running low on reasons

I’ve been feeling lots of feelings


In contrast to their music, the duo gives off a light-hearted and youthful energy. They take weird selfies, make funny content and experiment with musical instruments like piano and guitar in sometimes wild ways. But it isn’t hard to tell that they enjoy making music, especially now that it can be performed at real venues for live audiences. DWLLRS has several headline dates this month— April 14th, April 19th and April 29th— making their way around California alongside Claire Rosinkranz. Check out their discography and do check out their Instagram for interesting and entertaining behind-the-scenes of their sessions.

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