Dream pop prodigy Zealyn is back with her latest electro-pop hit “Lana In My Dreams”

Rooted in adolescent honesty and boosted by its bold analog instrumentation, “Lana In My Dreams” is a fiercely powerful dream pop song about the overwhelming state of the world and how we can cope with the madness. The 20-something musician behind the project, Zealyn, wrote the hook after waking up from a contentful dream space where heard Lana Del Rey singing throughout it. Ripe with changing time signatures and saxophone solos (courtesy of Hailey Niswanger,) Zealyn said it’s a carefully crafted and equally empowering dance-pop track.

“While writing I knew at some point I wanted there to be a time signature change, and almost sort of a genre change, to really pull you out of the world we built and make you feel like you were floating into a dream-like sequence…it’s meant to be a song that after each listen, it sort of reveals another layer to you.” The woman behind the Zealyn moniker is LA-based alt-pop lover Angie Miller. Prior to her current project as Zealyn, she was under contract after being named the second runner-up on American Idol’s 12th season in 2013. When her contract ran out in 2016, she decided to rebrand to escape the disillusionment she experienced with the path she was going down at the time.

Quickly, she became praised by outlets from the likes of Billboard and Ones to Watch while out on her own but took a break following that success. “Lana In My Dreams” is her first release in the last 3 years. In preparation for this release, she stopped listening to music for months so she could go into the process of writing and recording cold and be as original as possible.

Keep up with Zealyn on her Instagram and Facebook for more, and listen to her latest single “Lana In My Dreams” below!

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