DIY Gascon Farmers The Inspector Cluzo Announce New Album ‘Horizon’

Horizons though commonly used in the English language, has that certain magic on all of us. It gives us a wide-eyed view of things through which we are made to realize that there are bigger things than ourselves. Sure, there are moments where we might think that we’re the only the ones affected by certain events, but in reality, we’re but a one of the many faces who share the same fate. As sci fi movies put it “there are others out there”, all you’ve got to do is look around. 

Image Courtesy Of The Inspector Cluzo Via Paysage TIC Philippe Salvat

If you ever veer off the beaten path in the music world, you’ll learn quickly that there are other inhabitants worthy of attention. A shining example of this is the alternative/ indie band the DIY Gascon Farmers, The Inspector Cluzo, who’s been creating awesome music since 2008. With songs in their discography such as “A Man Outstanding In His Field”, “The Run”, “Rockfarmers” and more, they’ve been treating their fans to tunes that gives praise to earth. From soil, to crops, and nature itself, they’ve tackled it all with so much talent and unique flavor. 

Image Courtesy Of The Inspector Cluzo

Now though, in this day and age they’re still going strong like a rampaging bull in a China shop. In fact, they’re coming off an incredible touring season this summer which we’re all met with raving reviews and ravaging fans. To add to that already bountiful harvest, they’re topping it off with their 9th album entitled “Horizon”. It’s an outstanding 12 piece that’s been recorded in a span three weeks and produced by Grammy Award winner Vance Powell. The best part of it all is although a quickie turnaround wise, it’s one of the deepest and truest they’ve been writing wise. For a sweet little preview, one has to look no further than to listen to their single with same name “Horizon”.

Coming out January 27th, 2023, via F.thebassplayer Records it boasts of track list such as: “Act Local Think Global”, “Wolf At The Door”, “Running A Family Farm Is More Rock Than Playing Rock ‘n’ Roll”, “Shenanigans”, “The Outsider”, “Swallows- Where Are The Swallows Gonna Build Their Nest”, “Horizon”, “Rockphobia – Feat. Iffy Pop”, “The Armchair Activist”, “9 Billion Solutions”, “Saving The Geese”, and “Swallows Back- When Will The Swallows Return”. All of which builds on the group’s identity as farmers who just happen to play music drop dead eargamsic music. Yes, you heard that right they’re real-life farmers as well and you can check them here in their 15Ha family farm called “LOU CASSE” (“the oak” in Gascon language). 

Wanting more of The Inspector Cluzo? If so, then let’s get down and dirty and head on over to their official website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts for more feel-good vibes. 

See ya‘ll there folks! 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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