Deca Takes You On A Journey Through “All In A Dream”

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New York-based Deca artist is one to add to your catalog, if you haven’t already been acquainted with his work. He continues to demonstrate his multi-talented abilities as producer, emcee and visual artist through his new music video for the track “All In A Dream.”

The song takes you on a psychedelic journey through time and sound. “All In A Dream” has a funky drum beat with effervescent guitar doodles while Deca delivers his words with calm, direct and articulate clarity. It’s almost as if he’s simply speaking to you (the listener) with intention and hope that you’ll do as intended… listen. There’s a serious tone to the vocals and somber storytelling through explicitly descriptive lyrics like “…Every now and then you escape the façade / Every deep breath you inhale the exhaust…”

The music video for “All In A Dream” takes you on a hypnotic visual journey through a small character’s ever-changing world. The dreamscape is a compiled burst of all colors of the spectrum and multi-media imagery, resulting in a hybrid between a clay-animation and cartoon project. Some of the pictures relate to specific lyrical rhymes by Deca, hidden like little Easter eggs; for example, the “hand that you won’t extend” near the end… but most of the bits align more abstractly with the song’s theme, all in a dream, all in a vision.

Deca has created his own animated world with his music videos, as you can see in others like “Clay Pigeons,” another song from his most recent LP, Snakes and Birds. The artistry exemplified in the visuals matches the quality of his poetic bars and story-telling skills. “All In A Dream” is just a snippet of how deep down the rabbit hole of Deca‘s world he can take you. If you vibe with this art, definitely check out the rest of this album and his entire discography. I’ve added this track to my Nü Qü playlist, but you can stream “All In A Dream” anywhere!

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