Dawning Releases Hopeful Dream-Pop Single, “Ennui”

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Based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Dawning is the ethereal and translucent work of Aaron Senor. Melding the hooks of pop with dreamlike shoegaze rock, Dawning’s north star has always been taking anyone willing on the wide-eyed journey to somewhere else. He has carved out his own space in Michigan music thanks to the live production he’s created. Although it’s a solo project, the expansive wall of sound created in a live show full of soaring synthesizers, gentle vocals, and vibrant energy, isn’t something we have seen from solo artists in the past. Dawning is all about discovery, and that discovery is waiting for you, ready to stir emotions that are both beautiful and strange.

“Ennui” is the latest single to come from Dawning. It’s an upbeat song that is a complete juxtaposition of its title. While ennui means “a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction” this song is anything but that. The inspiration behind the song is a big explanation for the juxtaposition. Dawning shares,

“Ennui” was written after I started seeing a therapist. After struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts for 10+ years, this was the first time in my life I had the resources to see one. This song is a declaration of the first glimpses I caught of the possibility of meaningful and lasting happiness. Seeing a therapist has not magically cured my depression, but it has made me realize there are ways of dealing with and diminishing it, which has given me hope. That being said, I guess this is a song about hope.

Dazzling synths set the stage for what ends up being an incredibly lush and vibrant soundscape. Between the shimmery instrumentals and airy vocals, this song brings forth feelings of joy and happiness. The danceable beat drifts behind the hopeful lyrics full of reflection and perseverance. Colorful instrumental runs litter the uniquely styled atmosphere, creating a catharsis of emotion.

“Ennui” is an anthemic display of unbounded hope. It’s beautifully produced and just teeming with life and the prospect of a better tomorrow. It’s hard to walk away from this song and not feel a light within you.

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