Behind every messy breakup has been a passionate relationship. Splitting cleanly could only occur if neither person cared about the other.

If choice words were exchanged and tears dripped, as alluded to in Dariann Leigh’sLet Me Go”, the couple’s deterioration was predicated on genuine interest in making things work. Each would’ve gotten upset because they believed the other had potential to be their one and only.

Paired with that dynamic would’ve been respect for the other person’s emotional investment and time. When recognizing red flags indicative of someone’s nature, it’s been incumbent on that conscientious person to love the other enough to tell them goodbye.

The worst crime to commit in a relationship would be to lead one’s partner into believing their hearts beat in concert when they didn’t. Consider how disheartened that partner would be to learn after getting married for instance, that their life-pledge was one-sided.

Demoralizing hollowness would not only obliterate any joyful memories that partner had, but create consequences for future relationships, fewer of which would be available to them because of the time wasted. Prime among these deleterious effects would be trust issues that prevented firm foundations from being built with those prospective partners.

That’s not to say cutting ties will have been an easy process. For Leigh, her song started out shallowly past she and her ex-boyfriend separating. A period when both would’ve swum through breakers of reclaimed independence.

Dariann Leigh
Dariann Leigh via Dariann Leigh & Page 1 Publications

The track went on about how their most recent run-in happened at her place when he picked up a box of left-behind belongings. That she had broken up with him and he had not taken it well at all.

Leigh was quick to uncover his ulterior motive though. This face-to-face was nothing more than an excuse to beg for a second chance. The sob story he told didn’t succeed as she remained resolute in chartering her own voyage. She was already sailing that vessel, minus any longing baggage to reunite with him.

While not brokenhearted in the same sense as her one-time boyfriend, Leigh could see him circling her boat like a threatening shark. Rather than stay, risk capsize, and be dragged into the abyss of their dysfunctional relationship, she pressed full sail.

She knew by his guilting, possessive language that even he didn’t want to get back together for a reason beyond escaping his own loneliness. This rising country talent from rural Minnesota would not be trapped, but opt for embracing open sea’s freedom.

See the “Let Me Go” lyric video for details!

“Let Me Go” via Dariann Leigh & Interstreet Recordings

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