Danny G, Travie McCoy’s Youthful Anthem “Long Live” Brings The Heat This Winter

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When you’re in your early twenties, life comes at you fast.

Overcoming gargantuan student debt, trying to build experience by applying for jobs that all require 2-3 years in the field already, and juggling the other responsibilities of adulthood while trying to survive increasingly-expensive bills are becoming the norm for an entire generation of people who may not feel adequately prepared for the “next chapter.”

The realities of adult life are often a death sentence for youthful exuberance, but Danny G and Travie McCoy refuse to let that kill their vibe. Their new, silky-smooth single “long live” is an anthem for the struggling young adult, rife with metaphors and examples about how the world won’t dull their shine. It offers heaps of summertime vibes to thaw your frozen heart this winter.

81364014_460002781605924_4989528572222767104_o(Photo credit: Danny G)

“Youth to me represents an innocent, non-confrontational, open spirit that we tend to lose as we grow older,” Danny G said in a Facebook post promoting the release. “I wanted to make something that feels free and timeless.”

The song’s hook shouts out Logic, Drake, and Hoodie Allen, all of whose influence are apparent throughout this track. While I feel like Jon Bellion would feel equally at-home on that particular role call, Danny G has done an exceptional job of finding his own voice while channeling elements of his heroes. He gets some help from one of those in McCoy, the Gym Class Heroes frontman known for hits like “Billionaire” and “Stereo Hearts.” McCoy offers his signature brand of playful energy and razor-sharp tightness to the song’s first verse before passing the torch back to Danny G.

82863161_476312079974994_3551309969443782656_nTravie McCoy and Danny G perform together at Nashville’s Exit/In in May. (Photo credit: Danny G)

For Danny, this marks another successful collaboration with producer Will McBeath. The team previously found breakthrough success in 2019 with songs like “way wrong (feat. Xuitcasecity)” and “villain,” which both eclipsed 125,000 streams on Spotify. If the past is any indication, expect “long live” to join those ranks in short order.

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