On January 16th, Last Exit Live brought Struggle Jennings to perform in their historical warehouse. The venue slowly packed in Struggle fans one by one, almost all covered in freshly-purchased merch. As supporters chanted his name upon arrival, we knew this Country-Rapper was something special. Struggle Jennings has been releasing music since his prison release in 2016, attracting a wide audience throughout the years. Towards the end of 2019, he released iTune’s #9 Alternative album, Angels & Outlaws. Struggle took the stage with energetic pride, performing tracks with a warehouse full of fans to sing along.

Focusing in on the opening performance from 2’Live Bre


The Nashville native came to stage with a combo of rap, pop, and Hip-Hop. Inspired by artists like Kanye West, Migos, and OutKast, the rapper brought a goofy collection of quick and playful lyricism, with a contagious smile set ear to ear. Throughout the roughly 30 minute set, 2’Live Bre pressed crowd-engagement, encouraging Struggle fans to lift their cell phone lights and sway along with him—though a few went with their lighters instead.


His stage accompanist, Klumsy, maintained a fiery energy even while a camera in his hand. They looked to each other for hyping up, danced together, and got simply goofy on stage.  2’Live Bre captivated the audience with a charismatic delivery of lingered lyrics like “just cause you got a gun doesn’t make you real.” His giggles broke through his words, leaving the crowd with high-spirits just before people began cheering over the introductory guitar rift for Struggle Jennings.


Keep up with 2’Live Bre and his journey, and be sure to check out our full photo album of his performance.


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