On July 30th, DallasK released his new single, “Try Again,” “which features longtime friend and collaborator Lauv on vocals.” “‘Try Again’ continues the collaboration that began when DallasK co-produced and co-wrote Lauv’s 2016 single ‘Breathe.’ DallasK also co-produced and co-wrote ‘Sad Forever,’ a single from Lauv’s 2020 debut album, ~how i’m feeling~, and collaborated on Lauv’s 2020 EP, Without You. The pair co-wrote ‘Try Again’ with Michael Pollack (Lizzo, Zedd, Justin Bieber). In addition to producing, DallasK played all the instruments on the song.” In addition to his collaborations with Lauv, DallasK is known for his work with Fifth Harmony, Chromeo, BTS, and Tiësto. “Try Again” is the perfect amalgamation of DallasK and Lauv’s styles, mixing the electro-pop production that DallasK is known for with the introspective, heartfelt lyrics of Lauv’s work.

“Try Again” is also one of the first tracks the duo ever worked on together before Lauv’s project completely blew up and put him on the global stage. DallasK has said “‘Try Again’ is actually the first dance record Lauv and I made together and it was super fun to create a unique record that encompasses both of our styles and influences.” On the subject of being unable to work in the same room while Lauv was on tour with Ed Sheeran, DallasK admits “We continued to work on his albums but ‘Try Again’ was always a favorite of ours that had gotten seemingly lost in the shuffle.” Over the course of quarantine, DallasK rediscovered the track, and they decided to… “Try Again.” (I’m sorry, I had to, it was right in front of me.)

Let us know what you think about DallasK and his portfolio – he’s worked on tracks like “Show Me” and “Your Love” with Tiësto and is listed as a songwriter and producer on Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home” – as well as Lauv’s work on “Try Again!”

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