Not all great works of art manifest from good dreams; sometimes it’s the bad dreams that inspire our most creative flow. This was the case for California-based singer/songwriter Chris Jobe on writing his newest track “Pisces Bad Dream.” Jobe told Glasse that his girlfriend of two years kept “having these vivid dreams of me cheating even though we’re both loyal to a fault,” her being a Taurus and him a Pisces. “The dreams were really starting to bother her, so I wrote a song to ease the tension.” 

That he did, with mature and sexy word play in verses written inside a makeshift pillow fort studio in an Atlanta hotel room. Co-written with his friend Annie from his episodes on Songland, “Pisces Bad Dream” explores the intimacies of working through bumps in the road in an otherwise healthy and loving relationship. After lots of hard work the song came together, melding a coastal vibe with indie-rock percussion and soulful vocals. 

Jobe has always been a fantastic lyricist with the ability to pull you into his world, and this song is no exception. “It was only just a bad dream doing things to make you hate me; let’s hit the coast and do some bad things so you stop having these bad dreams…I’m gonna treat you really nicely, show you I’m a Pisces, kiss you till your knees drop.” This is one of those tracks you blast in your car on a hot summer day, windows down, driving into the sunset. 


Having moved to LA in the past year, the essence of California has influenced Jobe’s music for the best. “I live in Venice now and have re-acclimated to my spiritual side.” Jobe tells us that he’s fully embraced the west coast vibe. “I meditate a lot, and I finally feel like I’m being more real, true and honest.” We hear this transformation in his newer releases, “exploring more organic drums and guitar, less electronic, and more of an R&B vibe. “I’m just going back to what I know now, and I’m obsessed with Tame Impala,” Jobe tells us, so we can expect to hear more of a soulful indie sound from his new music projects.

Something else to look out for is new music releases every few weeks now as Jobe has several projects in the works to be finished and shared soon. The craziness of the world right now has allowed for some much needed solitude. “I’ll be hibernating in a 500 sq. ft. studio and staying off socials as much as possible during this time,” says Jobe. “This quarantine will give me lots of time to sit with my art.”

It’s been incredibly humbling and inspiring to witness so much growth in singer/songwriter Chris Jobe, from knowing him in his early Belmont years as front man of indie-rock band Nodaway, to now stepping into his identity as a solo-artist and human being. Chris Jobe is definitely a name to keep on your radar. “Pisces Bad Dream” is available on most streaming platforms, so go check it out!

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