Chinese Plastic Factory’s New Music Video, “I Wanna Be Haunted”

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Chicago based artist, Matt Zito, founded a music project titled Chinese Plastic Factory. Earlier this year, he wrote, recorded, and produced his debut EP, “I Wanna Be Haunted,” an alternative post genre six track album filled with contrasting elements of rock and folk.

In his first music video, featuring the suspenseful and electric track named after the EP, Matt introduces us to stark and grungy visuals while describing a simply beautiful concept of falling in love with a girl.

The music video of “I Wanna Be Haunted” begins featuring a woman saying, “It’s not a bad thing being haunted by a ghost.” The scenery shifts until we see Matt rocking out on his guitar in various night vision camera effects. The song is fast-paced, breaking down into a high tempo guitar beat that makes the heart pound as the vocals lure you in.

The lyrics may contain a simple topic of falling in love with a girl, but the beauty of the music is in its contrast to suspenseful sound and poetic and horror-rich lyrics.

Stream the music video here:

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