Chima Anya and Soulchef Bring the Old School Hip-Hop Vibes in “Coincidental”

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As reality becomes more difficult to separate from illusion, authentic voices like Dr. Chima Anya become more essential. A practicing medical doctor in the UK, according to London-based music and lifestyle publication Bonafide Magazine, “Chima Anya has balanced a career as a medical doctor and emcee for over a decade, and has never been anything short of prolific.” His lighthearted, poetic rhyming style is easy to relate to and always thought-provoking. Chima’s breakout 2017 music video for “Do Less” made national headlines with Complex UK, observing “Chima combines a penchant for soulful and percussive instrumentation with his laid-back rhyming style.”

Chima’s frequent collaborator, Soulchef, is a mature hip-hop producer with a clear passion for his craft and the artists that he works with. Providing a thought invoking serenity in his music style, he draws influence from classic soul, jazz, and hip-hop. Altogether, the result is a well-seasoned musical fusion carrying an undeniable heartfelt emotion behind the art of his productions. With well over 25 releases and over 35 million streams worldwide, he caters to both the lyrical and instrumentally driven fan base by employing a unique strategy that offers both options to the listeners. Whether you enjoy sinking into the scriptures of conscious lyricism or need a soulful instrumental to play along with your soundtrack of life, SoulChef is sure to provide the right feeling for your mood.

“Coincidental” explores the frequent fairytale mechanic of coincidence and all of the crazy things that happen that shape our lives, and our power to influence those happenings. It’s the second single from the album, Modern Fairytale, where classic fairy tale themes are applied to modern life.

It showcases old-school hip-hop vibes, featuring plenty of live instrumental elements and brightly resonating vocals. The flow of the verses is hypnotic, melting into harmonious beats to create a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. The lyrics acknowledge the reality that we oftentimes are unable to control the things that happen to us, but we owe it to ourselves to focus on what we can control. As the chorus flows by, carried by a rich undercurrent of soulful melodies, listeners are reminded that we do have the power to influence our lives by creating sparks and making each day our own. The overarching message is reflected in the artistic music video, which features individuals working on honing their crafts.

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