Chillmonday Offers a Refreshing Look on Love With  ‘On My Mind’

In a span of a day, a lot of things from big to small zoom past our brains. It’s a busy and often noisy highway that only halts when we close our eyes to rest. That’s part of being human, but also it’s a product of our times where wave after wave of content are being bombarded straight up our nervous system. Not to mention the things we have to endure personally in our daily lives. Whew! 

But then there’s the good kind that just unleashes all the endorphins and takes us straight to cloud nine. An example would be thinking about the person we love or are attracted to as described in the South Korean London based EDM artist Yangrae Cho AKA Chillmonday’s song “On My Mind”. Released last November 4th, this track is an irresistible treat to the senses as it navigates an ambiguous relationship. 

While this premise already sounds like a trip to bummer town, what’s so startling is the point of view chosen. Instead of focusing on the negative side of the entire situation, “On My Mind” opted to look at it in a place of hope. To let the pure emotions of bliss and desire to take over, rather than mope around and wallow in despair. It dares to ask the question, “what if?”, in place of waving the white flag and saying “I quit” despite all the uncertainties.

That same energy isn’t just found in its relatable and thoughtful lyrics. It also carries all throughout the record from start to finish. Its rhythm, beat and vocals provided by Chillmonday himself are just so magnetic. In turn making it ear candy to everyone who hears it.  It’s truly a charming and refreshing look at love and a lover’s willingness to conquer even when put in a tough spot. So, if you’re in search for that perfect mood setter to keep spirits up, this is definitely a must play. 

Looking for more Chillmonday? If so, go ahead and give him a follow on his Instagram, Soundlcoud, TikTok, and YouTube accounts for more eargasmic content. 

Stay chill friends! 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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