After three years have passed since the release of Chiasm’s first solo album, Emileigh Rohn has come back to the new year with the anticipated Missed the Noise featuring John Fryer. The full-length, 11-track LP, includes previously released singles “Away” and “Are You Okay?”. Each piece through the project delivers her signature euphoric resonance that finds a delicate equilibrium of ferocity and consonance.

One of the singles featured on this project, “Are You Okay?”,  boldly plays directly into the chaos and economic distress that broke out in this past year. With her raw and stripped down-feel mixed with electronic sound, the Detroit-based musician’s soft vocals place an eerie focus on the intent of the song, bringing listeners a sense of connection to both her and one another amidst the landscape of our world today. Rohn sings, 

“I should be hurting but I’m not/ I’m just staring back in shock/ maybe through this we forgot/ Are you okay/ You face my way/ While we’re sleeping/ Just so you can hear me breathing/ Feel you near/ Take my fears/ I need you in my heart dear/ I face your way while I’m seething/ Hope this night is worth repeating/”

“Away”, the second single on the album, received many positive notes from the press with its heavy electronic sound, and Chiasm’s signature tone carried throughout the entirety of the album. After Synthpop Fanatic’s impression of the song, they mentioned, ” . . . [Chaism’s] a massively overlooked talent in the industrial and dark electronic scene.”

Knoxville News Sentinel also states on “Away”,

“The Detroit-based performer has put out some austere material the past 20-something years, industrial-drenched noise explosions and implosions, but ‘Away; is considerably more accessible thanks in part to her collaboration with John Fryer, producer for the likes of Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails…. a dramatic, hard-rubbed-synthesizer brand of electro, a Goldfrapp-meets-Grimes instrumental context for the vocals of Rohn, who at times sounds like a dead ringer for the Bangles’ Susannah Hoffs.”

John Fryer, known for his previous works in projects such as Black Needle Noise and a noted producer who worked with Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, 4AD, Cocteau Twins, and Love and Rockets, added a unique touch to the collaboration that was everything Rough was looking for. Throughout this project, Rough worked closely with Fryer to revive her passion for music and take a new direction in the development of writing the album. As Rohn states on her experience,

“Working with John [Fryer] was a completely fresh experience for me that reinvigorated my passion for writing. The opportunity arrived, thanks to COP International, at a time I wasn’t sure of my next direction in music at all. I had released my solo album Reset in 2019 and I was ready for a new approach. Creating Missed The Noise was unprecedentedly fast-paced and insightful for me. I became capable of trusting my instincts and pushed my creativity forward without over-questioning. The collaboration felt easy. I loved what John did with each track, and we worked delightfully smoothly together in my experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the process, and am certain it has influenced how I will continue my art forever. I am so thankful.”

John Fryer adds, “It was extremely exhilarating working with Emileigh. As soon as I heard the vocals for the first song, everything seemed to click like all of a sudden the stars aligned, and off we went on this incredible journey and ended with the wonderfully fantastical album Missed The Noise.”

Be sure to check out Chiasm and John Fryer’s project, as well as others below.

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