Chey Rose’s “Seventeen” Will Put You Right In Your Feels

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Chey Rose — the Columbus-born and Nashville-based artist who made waves in 2019 for her international hit “V.C.R.” — dropped her first single of 2020 on Friday with an emotional, brooding single called “Seventeen.” The song, which was cowritten by Amy Asher and Tony Chetta, is a raw, reflective, and exceptionally-produced cry for her heart to be as open as it was in her past.

82877389_1230227753838788_5681575213813202944_oChey Rose’s cover for her new single “Seventeen”

Rose has described the song as a “slower, more intimate ballad” that’s “perfect for breakup season.” Immediately, it calls to mind pop artists like Sasha Sloan and King Princess. The song’s hauntingly-sparse, piano-driven melody allows her vocals and lyricism to shine. Its hook, “if I was seventeen, this would’ve really hurt me, but at least back then I could feel things,” highlights the double-edged sword of getting older and colder. Throughout the duration of the song, the power of her lyrics are matched only by the believability and authentic nature of her vocal take; she leaves you hanging onto every word and completely sells the song.

44513234_1680242892099133_5945367694202109952_nTony Chetta

Chetta, in particular, showed off his top-notch production ability, as the Mind Flight Records co-founder put together an expertly-engineered song that sounds excellent from start to finish. Matt Harris and Alex Dobbert, who handled the vocal tracking and mastering of the track, deserve praise, as well.

Running just a hair under three minutes, “Seventeen” is a must-add to any rainy day or sad, emotional playlist. You can listen to the song below.

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