It was an absolute pleasure to count out 2021 and ring in 2022 at Lights All Night in Dallas Market Hall to the tunes of DJ Snake. With inclement weather predicted for later in the evening, festival organizers took it upon themselves to make the decision to push up the festival times for a 12:30AM ending, as opposed to the original 2AM, to allow attendees to return home as safely as possible. Although rain was forecasted for quite a bit of the evening, it held out until right around the time the festival ended, giving everyone plenty of time to enjoy the outdoor sets and take much-needed breaks from the indoor stages.

Yesterday saw a strong female presence during the opening sets three of the four stages – Jessica Audiffred on Intergalactic with some heavy bass bangers, Clarity on Planet Prime with some fun house shuffles, and Merry Jane on Space Station with freeform bass drops. Zander held down it down to an increasingly filled Supernova stage with experimental bass beats as attendees trickled in following the time change announcements. While the lineup on night one was absolutely stellar, the night two lineup was of epic proportions and guaranteed that the final night of 2021, as difficult as the year has been, was one that would be worth remembering.

The party quickly took a sharp turn for the colorful on Supernova when Madeon performed a Good Faith DJ set. Throughout the multitude of rainbow visuals and lights, Madeon played recent releases as well as some throwbacks that really tickled the feelings of nostalgia for long-time EDM listeners. Blunts & Blondes delivered his signature hip-hop and trap-infused bass sounds, reminding the crowd that he is also from the dirty South. Loud Luxury played high-energy tracks and remixed classic songs got the crowd jumping and dancing, teeing up for the well-beloved duo, Above & Beyond. Known for their positive messages and feel-good vibes, Above & Beyond left dancers inspiring messages for daily consideration, particularly while entering the new year.

Following the exceptional opening set by Jessica Audiffred, Intergalactic really just continued to take off with heavier bass and more dubstep as Oddprophet took the stage. Chee, known for his experimental tendencies with bass design, gave listeners a slight bit of a break, but never let the energy die down. The room really began to fill in at that point and didn’t slow down as Apashe, followed by ARMNHMR, kept the bass bangers going. The crowd was thick and continued to swell into SVDDEN DEATH‘s neck-breaking set.

Planet Prime gave attendees a solace from bass-centric beats if they wanted one, featuring a number of stellar house-focused artists. Native Texans Faucon and Left/Right performed and showed just how much love the Texas music scene has for house music. Cheyenne Giles, Devault, and Omnom all brought their unique styles of techno/house to the stage, followed by the creative artist presence that J. Worra is known for. Space Station also gave attendees a nice outdoor space to escape the heat of the indoors, still crafting a more intimate experience with space for attendees to vibe within feet of the DJs. Pink Fuji, Sir Alex, Playboy P, and Know Good gave their all to those who were dancing around them.

As the clock neared midnight, attendees shuffled through the stages to find where they wanted to be to officially ring in the new year. Frenchman DJ Snake dropped original tracks along with remixes of popular hip-hop and pop songs, counting down the clock at Supernova with the crowd. Black Tiger Sex Machine, also known as BTSM, pumped out the bass sounds over on Intergalactic, giving the start of the new year a very headbang-y beginning. GRUM closed out Planet Prime while Thomas Black closed out Space Station, wrapping up their sets right as the rain began to come down. It almost felt symbolic, in a way, to wash away 2021 with the rain.

Elena Lin Administrator
I am a concert/festival photographer based in St. Louis. I’m always eager to travel for new music and experiences and to meet new faces!
Elena Lin Administrator
I am a concert/festival photographer based in St. Louis. I’m always eager to travel for new music and experiences and to meet new faces!

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