Charlotte Lawrence Asks for a Promise in “Bodybag”

Charlotte Lawrence has returned with a dark but doleful track, establishing herself as the face of a different kind of pop. For “Bodybag,” the singer-songwriter has dropped a visualizer which fans have already named an underrated masterpiece.

Lawrence has always been an artist of honesty, expressing in her music the struggles she’s experienced with addiction and anxiety. Her insistence on being genuine is perhaps what allowed her to create her own contemplative sound.

I want to share pain and heartbreak and sex and all the emotions everybody feels, and hopefully, people can connect to that and relate. I always thought that I shouldn’t be vocal about what I wanted to do. I was shy and scared. Finally, I’ve grown enough as a person that I feel confident to say I want to perform in arenas and share my music with as many people as I can. I wanna do everything.

– Charlotte Lawrence

“Bodybag” is a strong choice of words. Lawrence could’ve chosen to use a romantic euphemism but intentionally doesn’t. Similarly, the video doesn’t shy away from using that striking imagery and whatever thoughts might come up in association. Lawrence is often captured in scenes wrapped in a plastic film, and the mere sight of it makes it hard to breathe. But it does justice to the deep and maybe unthinkable sadness that comes with heartbreak and betrayal, which is something the artist wanted to convey. 

Hold me through the heart attack

If it’s love, will you love me to the body bag?

Help me hurt so that I’ll come back

I’ll come back, I’ll come back to you

– “Bodybag”

In contrast, the lyrics and delivery of the song are calm and still. With a piano accompaniment and the occasional beat, Lawrence’s voice almost echoes as she pleads to her lover to hold her. She chooses to be vulnerable and chooses to love because it makes everything worth it in the end.

Charlotte Lawrence manages to make each new release better than the last. From “Joke’s On You” to “Sleep Talking” to “Morning”, the artist is building an impressive collection while simultaneously creating her own genre within the genre. Listen to Charlotte Lawrence’s music and find which tracks resonate with you.

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